The Japan Center Sub-Committee

Guiding principles

In order to provide support for the operations of the Science and Technology Interchange Committee of the Taiwan-Japan Relations Association, and to meet CIER's steadily growing need for capabilities oriented towards collaboration with Japan, in 2003 CIER established the Japan Center to actively work on the establishment of platforms for high-level exchanges between Taiwan and Japan and to promote further development of interchange and collaboration between Taiwan and Japan.

Research focus and objectives

Japan is a leader in technology within the Asia region, and a very important partner for Taiwan within the East Asia economic "division of labor." The last few years have seen continuous upheaval in the global political and economic situation, such as the rise of the emerging economies, the increased pace of regional economic integration, and the trend towards an aging population and smaller families in the advanced nations. Given these changing circumstances, the need for Taiwan to strengthen its collaboration with Japan has become ever more apparent.

In order to help build a relationship of exchange and collaboration between Taiwan and Japan that can move with the times, the Japan Center strives to identify key issues affecting Taiwan-Japan relations, by focusing on forward-looking research and research on important current issues. The Center's main research areas include industrial innovation, technology linkages, and mechanisms for collaboration between industry and the university sector. The Center's research results, combined with the development of new channels of communication, help strengthen communication between Taiwan and Japan and maximize the practical benefits from Taiwan-Japan collaboration and exchange in the areas of diplomacy, economics, science and technology, academic research, and industry.


Name Position Education Research Field
Lin, Hen-I Associate Research Fellow,Director  Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics, Texas A&M University
Natural Resource and Environmental Economics Agricultural Economics Market and Information Economics Biosecurity Cost-and-Benefit Analysis
Lu, Hui-Min Senior Analyst,Deputy Director Kyoto University Graduate School of Economics, Doctoral Candidate in Economic Research
Information economics Econometrics Japan economy
Su, Hsien-Yang Consultant Doctor of Economics, Kyoto University, Japan
Industrial Economics Small & Middle Sized Businesses International Trade
Chen, Shin-Horng Research Fellow Ph.D. University of Newcastle, U.K.
Technology Management Economics of Information & Communications Technologies
Wen, Pei-Chang Research Fellow Graduate Institute of Building and Planning, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan
Transportation Modeling and Vehicle Emissions Innovation and Policy in the ICT industry intelligent vehicles and the service sector Regional Policy and Planning Economic Evaluation
Wei, Tsung-Che Associate Research Fellow Ph.D., Graduate School of Economics, Kyushu University.
Competitive Strategy SMEs policy Technology policy
Ting, Hsin-Lan Director of Tokyo Office Ph.D. (2012), Department of Economics, National Taiwan University
International Trade Foreign Direct Investment Labor Economics Applied Microeconometrics
Hung, Chih-Ming Assistant Research Fellow Ph.D., National Chengchi University
Industrial Organization Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
Liu, Po-Ting Assistant Research Fellow PhD, Monash University, Australia
Economic Development Microeconomics Chinese Economy (Consumption and Regional Development)
Hong, Wei-Chun Analyst M.A., National Taiwan University, R.O.C.
Technology and Industry Policy Japanese Studies International Politics

Contact Infomation

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