Organizational Structure


Various Departments of CIER and Their Functions

Research on the mainland Chinese economy
Research on the global economy
Research on the Taiwanese economy
Research on economic models and economic forecasting
Holding lifetime-learning classes and organizing academic conferences, in keeping with the needs of the times.
Research on WTO and Regional Economic Integration issues, capacity building and outreach activities related to WTO and Regional Economic Integration.
This department undertakes research on regional economic integration trends and on FTA-related issues.
This Center is engaged in the research related to green policies, green industry, national and global green markets, and a variety of activities including providing professional courses, green business counseling, marketing assistance for the green products and services from Taiwan.
This department is organized as a "task force" to help promote political, economic, technological, academic and business exchange and collaboration between Taiwan and Japan, and to carry out research on related topics.
This center is organized as a "task force" to research on energy and environment related economic issues.

The Taiwan ASEAN Studies Center

Research, policy consultation, academic exchange and publication on topics related to ASEAN and Asian regional development in economics and trade.
This department is organized as a "task force" to evaluate technology development and the government's technology policy.
This center is organized as a "task force" to undertake economic and legal and regulatory research and analysis related to the SME sector.
Research on regulatory reform and legal issues relating to economic liberalization policy.
Secretarial Section
Handling administrative matters such as secretarial services, meetings, accounting, human resources, word processing, assets, construction and maintenance, handling cash, etc.
The purchasing of published materials, their safekeeping, classification, exhibition, lending, exchange, and services to the public.
Publication Office
The printing, safekeeping, sale, exchange, and donation of publications.
Information Technology Office
Computer program planning for research data and their statistical analysis.