The Center for Energy and Environmental Research

Guiding principles


Recognizing the necessity of balancing economic development with environmental protection and social inclusion, our institute established the Center for Energy and Environmental Research (CEER) in 1992. The center aims to bring together professionals from different disciplines to create an interdisciplinary platform for policy and academic research.

Vision and Missions

Our center's vision is to promote sustainable development models that balance economic, social, and environmental health. Our mission is to accelerate the realization of this vision through the following means:

1. Bringing together interdisciplinary talents to conduct policy and academic research on energy and environmental issues to enhance stakeholders' and the public's knowledge and understanding.
2. Proposing representative initiatives for important energy and environmental issues.
3. Communicating and discussing with different stakeholders to improve decision-making quality.
4. Assisting the public and private sectors in planning policy content and solutions and providing professional consulting services.
5. Cultivating researchers and consulting talents related to energy and environmental issues.

Research focus and objectives

Research Focus

Our center conducts research on global climate change, depletion of energy resources, environmental pollution, sustainability, and low-carbon transformation by combining interdisciplinary professionals. We aim to develop forward-thinking, practical, and feasible energy, environmental, and economic policy guidelines, strategic planning, and management solutions to provide references for various sectors of industry, government, academia, and the general public.

Key Work Areas

1. Planning, evaluating, and promoting environmental governance policies (such as environmental taxes, carbon pricing, total control of emissions trading, performance standards, etc.).
2. Consulting and assisting companies in low-carbon transformation (carbon inventory, carbon footprint, carbon neutrality, internal carbon pricing, etc.).
3. Training of environmental management professionals (education and training, workshops, etc.).
4. Advocating for environmental issues and organizing related activities


Name Position Education Research Field
Liou, Je-Liang Research Fellow,Director  Ph.D. National Taiwan University, Department of Agricultural Economics Environmental and Resource Economics Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) Economic Impact Analysis (EIA) External Cost Evaluation Monetary Valuation of Environmental Impacts Nonmarket Evaluation Environmental Policy Evaluation Analysis of Environmental Tax Carbon Pricing on Taiwan
Lo, Shih-Fang Research Fellow Ph.D., Institute of Business and Management, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan Performance Evaluation Financial Market and Investment Sustainable Development
Lin, Hen-I Associate Research Fellow Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics, Texas A&M University Natural Resource and Environmental Economics Agricultural Economics Market and Information Economics Biosecurity Cost-and-Benefit Analysis
Hung, Chih-Ming Assistant Research Fellow Ph.D., National Chengchi University Industrial Organization Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
Jheng, Ruei-He Senior Analyst M.S., Graduate Institute of Industrial Economics of NCU Energy economics Environmental economics and Industrial economic analysis Eergy economic econometric model research
Lee, Ying-Chiao Analyst MS in Mathematics, National Taiwan University, Taiwan Public Policy Trade and Environment Industry Economy
Wei, I-Hua Analyst M.S. National Taipei University of Technology, Department of Institute of Environmental Planning and Management, R.O.C. Environmental Planning and Management Waste Management and Resource Recovery Hydrogen and Fuel Cell New Energy Policy

Policy Research Group

Experts Professional training Areas of expertise Link
Chu, Min-Chia M.A., Institute of Environmental Engineering, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan Environmental cost-benefit analysis, Greenhouse gas inventory and reduction, corporate sustainability performance assessment
Tseng, Yu-Chieh Master of Technology Management, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan Low-Carbon Transformation, Internal Carbon Pricing, Innovation Management 《Link》
Chang, Ko-Hsuan MSc in Marketing.,Alliance Manchester Business School, UK Circular Supply Chain, Recycle Material Carbon Footprint 《Link》
Chen, Wei-Lin MBA, Graduate Institute of Accounting, College of Management, National Taiwan University, Taiwan Low-Carbon Transformation, Science-Based Targets 《Link》
Yu, Cheng-Che Master of Economics, National Dong Haw University, Taiwan Microeconomics, Industry analysis, Economic benefit analysis
Tsai, Ling-Jung M.A., Department of Economics, Chinese Culture University, Taiwan Industrial Economy
Chang, Li-Yun Master of Institute of Environmental Engineering and Management, National Taipei University of Technology, Taiwan Greenhouse gas inventory and reduction, Carbon Footprint, Life Cycle Assessment, Energy Statistics
Tsai, Yi-Ju B.A., Department of Industrial and Information Management, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan Energy Data Statistics, Energy Conservation Management, Emissions Reduction Mechanism
Kao ,Tzu-Yun Master of Economics, Shih Hsin University , Taiwan Microeconomics

Industry Promotion Group

Experts Professional training Areas of expertise Link
Su, Pei-I Master of Finance, Chaoyang University of Science and Technology Environmental protection industry, Biomass Energy Industry, Financial Analysis, Intangible Asset Appraisal, Industry Analysis, Project Investment Analysis 《Link》
Yu, Shan-Hua Master of Business Administration, National Changhua University of Education Government Program Management, Event Planner, Industry Marking Promoter
Lee, Chih-Wei M.A, Department of Applied Japan, Ming Chuan University, Taiwan Hydrogen and Fuel Cell, International Energy Policy
Teng, Chieh-Han Master of International Affairs and Strategic Studies of Tamkang University Government Program Management, Electric Scooter Industry
Lin, Yung-Hsiang M.A., Department of Chinese Literature, National ChengChi University, Taiwan; M.A. in TESOL, National Taipei University of Education, Taiwan International Battery Industry Trends, Business Matchmaking of Battery Industry
Shen, Yi-Zhen Master of Adult and Continuing Education of National Taiwan Normal University Social Psychology, Continuing Education, Project Management 《Link》
Chen, Yung-He M.S., Department of Economics, National Dong Hwa University, Taiwan Microeconomics, Regional Economics
Chen,Yi-Han B.S. National Taipei University of Technology Department of Industrial Engineering and Management Government Program Management
Huang, Pin-Hsiang M.S., Graduate Program in Finance, National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology, Taiwan Financial Planning, Portfolio Management
Hsu, Li-Han M.S.S., Department of East Asian Studies, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan Northeast Asian Studies, International Hydrogen Energy Policy
Wu,Yi-Ju Master of Public Administration Government Program Management
Wu,Ju-An M.A in Economics,National Cheng Kung University,Taiwan Macroeconomics, Econometrics
Lin, Chia-Ju Master of Business Administration, National Changhua University of Education Government Program Management, Lithium Battery Industry, Energy Storage Industry

Contact Infomation

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