Introduction of The Center for Energy and Environmental Research

The Center for Energy and Environmental Research was in operation over the period 1992-2001, and was subsequently re-established in April 2008, to undertake long-term, in-depth research on public policy in regard to energy and environment in Taiwan.

With problems such as energy shortages, resource depletion, climate change and environmental pollution having a major, steadily worsening impact on the lives of people throughout the world, the Center for Energy and Environmental Research continues to undertake in-depth research on these issues and on public policy regarding related social and economic development models, so as to facilitate the formulation of practicable, forward-looking energy, environmental and economic policies and strategies that meet society's real needs and serve as a reference for government, industry, academia and the general public.

The Center's research mainly focuses on energy security, supply and demand in the energy market, energy prices, climate change, governance and international linkages, strategies for industrial development and transformation, environmental protection, environmental science, and models for economic and social development.

Name Position Education Research Field
Wang, Jiann-Chyuan Acting Director  Ph.D. in Economics, Purdue University, U.S.A.
Industrial Economics
Industrial Policy
Economic Development
Wang, Jiann-Chyuan Vice President Ph.D. in Economics, Purdue University, U.S.A.
Industrial Economics
Industrial Policy
Economic Development
Wang, Kimmie Research Fellow Ph.D. University of Western Australia, Australia
Resource and Environmental Economics
Lee, Yung-Jaan Research Fellow University of Michigan, Ph.D. in Environmental Planning
Urban and Rural Planning
Urban Design
Sustainable Development
Community Empowerment
Environmental Psychology
Lin, Chun-Hsu Research Fellow Ph.D. in Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences, Washington State University, U.S.A.
Resource Recycling
Environmental Policy and Planning
Soil Erosion Modeling
Wen, Lih-Chyi Research Fellow PhD in Economics, University of Connecticut, U.S.A.
Environmental Economics
Law and Economics
Public Economics
Lo, Shih-Fang Research Fellow Ph.D., Institute of Business and Management, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
Performance Evaluation
Financial Market and Investment
Sustainable Development
Liou, Je-Liang Research Fellow Ph.D. National Taiwan University, Department of Agricultural Economics, R.O.C.
Environmental Economics
Production Economics
Applied Ecnometrics
Cost-Benefit Analysis
Economic Impact Analysis
Non-market Goods Evaluation
Performance and Efficiency Analysis
Hung, Chih-Ming Assistant Research Fellow Ph.D., National Chengchi University
Industrial Organization
Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
Chen, Pi Assistant Research Fellow M.A., economics, New York University
Economic Growth
Economic Forecasting.
Lee, Ying-Chiao Analyst MS in Mathematics, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Public Policy
Trade and Environment
Industry Economy
Wei, I-Hua Analyst M.S. National Taipei University of Technology, Department of Institute of Environmental Planning and Management, R.O.C.
Environmental Planning and Management
Waste Management and Resource Recovery
Hydrogen and Fuel Cell
New Energy Policy

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