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No. Title Author Publication Price
1 Country-level Social Cost of Carbon for Taiwan Liou, Je-Liang; Wu, Pei-Ing 2021.04 350
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4 The Impact of Taiwan Enterprises’Actions for the Globalization to the Labor Market Peng, Su-Ling 2019.12 350
5 Impact of Regional Economic Integration on Taiwan's Automobile Industry Shih, Hui-Tzu; Wu, Yu-Yin; Hu, Chu-nan; Su, Chu-Hsuan 2019.09 350
6 Estimating the Health Benefit of Particulate Matter Reduction in Taiwan—Application of Benefit per Ton Method Liou, Je-Liang 2019.08 300
7 The Impact on Taiwanese Firms Accused by China – An Economic Analysis of Anti-Dumping Cases Lin, Yuh-Jiun 2018.12 300
8 An Analysis on Personal Retirement Financial Behavior Tsai, Feng-Huang; Wu, Chung-Shu; Huang, Shih-Chang; Liao, Jia-Yan 2018.11 300
9 Determinants of MNEs' Entry Decisions Wu, Yu-Yin 2017.05 300
10 Greenfield vs. Acquisition: The Choice of Taiwanese Multinationals Yang, Shu-Fei 2015.11 350
11 Flood Risk Management and Adaptation Action for the Taiwan Electric Sector Wang, Kimmie 2015.09 350
12 Policy Issues on Chinese Outward FDI and Chinese Investment in Taiwan Tien, Jiun-Mei; Wen, Fang-I; Jheng, Jhih-Han; Liu, I-Chun 2015.05 500
13 The Development of China's Local Regime in Rural Society Tien, Jiun-Mei; Ji, Shun-Jie 2014.11 500
14 Geopolitics, Energy, and Development of China's External Pipeline Transport Linkages(The Indian Subcontinent and Middle East) Ouyang, Cherng-Shin 2014.09 500
15 Financial Performance of the Overseas Acquisitions of Chinese Enterprises: Case Studies Lin, Yuh-Jiun and Chiang, Yi-Hui 2014.07 Out of print