The Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research has set becoming an international policy think-tank for economic and industry-related research as its goal. Since its establishment, the institution has been serving as a policy think-tank for the ROC government by making important recommendations, for which it has gradually gained prestige and recognition. Yet, as globalization in the economic and industrial sectors has proceeded, the institution has had to represent the country in conducting exchanges with international policy think-tanks. This has paved the way for the institution to be recognized internationally for its research capabilities. Guided by this goal, the institution continues to develop over the long term.

As a policy think-tank, any institution must have a solid foundation of knowledge on which it is able to make recommendations to the government on key policies. Only in this way can it help the government in orienting the country towards greater progress. To achieve its goals, the Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research engages in research with an emphasis on professional knowledge, innovative thinking and a concern for society, while maintaining an unbiased and objective stance in terms of providing sincere and constructive recommendations. As part of a government think-tank, CIER employees have high expectations for the institution in regard to its duties, which are concretely outlined as follows:

  1. To orient the direction of the country's sustainable development as well as its economic and industrial policies.
  2. To help navigate and serve as a warning mechanism on important matters concerned with economic and industrial policy issues.
  3. To offer professional knowledge and analysis of industrial development strategies, and assist in industrial development.
  4. To serve as a platform for the exchange of local and international economic-related knowledge and take the lead in policy formulation.
  5. To cultivate talent to handle the policy analysis and evaluation work.

The CIER has also engaged in further consolidating the academic foundation of policy research by carrying out a careful analysis of issues related to policy-making and industries. By serving as a platform for exchange among academia, government and industry, CIER will continue to serve the need to promote the sustainable development of Taiwan's economy.