Research Projects

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No. Title Author Publication
1 General Waste Recycling Output Value and Environmental Benefit Analysis Wen, Lih-Chyi 2023.03
2 The Design of Greenhouse Gases Voluntary Reduction Mechanism and Carbon Fee Collection System Liou, Je-Liang 2023.01
3 An Analysis of International Information of Energy Service Company (ESCO) Industry Yeh, Chang-Chen 2022.12
4 The test of waste small household appliances with an automated processing system for recycling Liao, Lin-Chuan 2022.12
5 2022 White Paper on Small and Medium Enterprises in Taiwan Wang, Jiann-Chyuan 2022.12
6 Mapping of the Taiwanese Companies investments in the EU Member States Hsu, Kristy Tsun Tzu 2022.12
7 Research on the Impact of Shared e mopeds on Transportation Greenhouse Gas Emissions Yang, Chin-Wen 2022.12
8 Construction of a 2050 Deep Carbon Reduction Assessment Model for the Transportation Sector and Promotion of Greenhouse Gas Reduction (1/2)—Model Construction and Promotion of Carbon Reduction* Yang, Chin-Wen 2022.12
9 Establishment of Climate Change Agricultural Tracking Framework of Adaptation and Case Studies Liou, Je-Liang 2022.12
10 Investigation and analysis of information on waste paper and scrap iron resources Lin, Tsung-Yu 2022.12
11 Research on Gas Power Generation Application Scenario and Business Model Chen, Jong-Shun 2022.11
12 Study of International Hydrogen Energy Policy, Promotion Strategy & Promote and Subsidize Stationary Fuel cell Power Generation System Wei, I-Hua 2022.11
13 Observation and Analysis on the Trend of National Smart Technology and ICT Development Policies of Important Nations Chen, Shin-Horng 2022.11
14 A Study on the goal of electronic payment and promotion strategy emerging areas of bio-tech industry in year 2021 Wang, Jiann-Chyuan 2022.06
15 The 2021 Project of Promote the Marine Debris Recycling and Recycling Mark Management* Lin, Chun-Hsu 2022.01