Research Projects

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No. 研究計畫成果報告名稱 計畫主持人 Publication
1 2019 Project of Strengthening the Information Collection and Analysis for Agriculture Policy Decision Hen-I Lin 2019.12
2 2019 White Paper on Small and Medium Enterprises in Taiwan Jiann-Chyuan Wang 2019.12
3 A project of Greenhouse Gas emission reduction management system and impact assessment Je-Liang Liou 2019.12
4 Labor Data analysis and questionnaire survey in Machinery Manufacturing Yu-Ning Chien 2019.12
5 Platform Thinking and Strategy for Promoting Extended EEE Producer Responsibility Lih-Chyi Wen 2019.12
6 The Impact of Policy Tools on Electricity Load Reduction or Load Shift of Industries in Commercial Sector Ruei-He Jheng 2019.12
7 The Microgrid for Biomass to Application Model and Engineering Evaluation Research Chun-Hsu Lin 2019.12
8 An Analysis of International Information of Energy Service Company (ESCO) Industry Chang-Chen Yeh 2019.11
9 Innovative Growth Partnership: Taiwan and New Southbound Countries Shin-Horng Chen 2019.10
10 The Study of T/D Regulations and Contracts for Power Wheeling Kimmie Wang 2019.06
11 Analysis of the Adjustment Mechanism About the Gas station Operating Expenses Chi-Yuan Liang 2019.05
12 The Impacts of "Made in China 2025" on Taiwan's Industrial Development Fang-I Wen 2019.05
13 The Positioning of Coal-fired Power Plant during Energy Transformation and The Effect of CO2 Emission Ruei-He Jheng 2019.03
14 Research on the Impact of New Economic Models and the Development of New Technologies on Taiwan's Labor Market with the Strategies of Addressing the Impact Chun-Pu Lin 2019.01
15 2018 Establishing Societal Economic Benefit Evaluation and Decision System for Climate Service Innovations for Agriculture and Fishery Chung Shu Wu 2018.12