Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research (CIER) is a highly esteemed think tank in Taiwan which holds distinguished international recognition. Since its establishment in 1981, CIER has provided economic and industry-related research and recommendations to the Executive Yuan, Taiwan’s government. As an independent organization, it represents Taiwan while actively engaging with international institutions to improve global and local economic affairs. In 2018, CIER was ranked 140th out of 6,000 global think tanks in the TTCSP Global Go to Think Tank Index Reports. This places CIER as the sole Taiwan-based think tank amongst the top 2%.


In 1979, formal diplomatic relations between the United States and Taiwan became strained. In response to this abrupt shift, Taiwan’s government enacted the “Measures for Financial and Economic Reforms" to ensure stable economic growth and facilitate ongoing development in Taiwan. As part of this act, with support from businesses and government, CIER was established as an economic research institution on July 1, 1981. The primary objectives at the time were to recruit domestic and foreign experts to research global economic statuses and to provide insightful policy recommendations to the government. As globalization and international relations have evolved, CIER has extended its reach to international institutions and now offers its research services to help both locally and globally.



Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research (CIER) has achieved its goal of becoming an internationally recognized policy think-tank specializing in economic and industry-related research. While CIER has always focused on local policy for the Executive Yuan, it now also represents Taiwan on the international stage. CIER collaborates with renowned policy think tanks worldwide, fosters policy exchanges, and has earned international prestige in various research fields. The primary vision at CIER is to conduct valuable research and provide recommendations that contribute to the development of the country. To successfully achieve this, CIER emphasizes professional knowledge, innovative thinking, and a genuine concern for social welfare. CIER not only incorporates its findings in policy recommendations, but it also disseminates and shares its research with industries and with the public to expand its outreach and services.

CIER’s Role
  • To provide guidance and direction for the country's development, including its economic and industrial policies.
  • To be the navigator and warning institute for major economic and industrial issues.
  • To recommend professional knowledge and analysis on industrial development strategies.
  • To create a platform for the exchange of local and international economic-related knowledge and to lead in policy work.
  • To cultivate a skilled and professional workforce capable of making informed policy decisions and analyses.
CIER’s Services
  • Research: Conduct reliable, objective, and thorough research to inform policy recommendations
  • Promotion: Publicize its findings to educate and democratize knowledge
  • Education: Organize workshops, conferences, and events to strengthen the connection between research and education
  • Consultation: Offer consulting services to government and to business sectors