The Center for Science and Technology Policy Evaluation

Guiding principles

In the knowledge-based and cyber economy of the twenty-first century, the development of the science and technology applications across multiple disciplines will become a major trend in the near future in spite of the advancement of the science and technology itself. How to make a national science and technology policy to fulfil the needs of our society and actually create economic benefits for the country has become vitally important for the national development. Therefore, it has become more important to have the ability to evaluate and assess the societal economic impacts of the national science and technology policy, with the helps from the methodologies and complete multiple-level social surveys of social sciences, and the estimates of cost and benefits evaluation for the policy. In 2010, CIER established the Center for Science and Technology Policy Evaluation to conduct research on performance and benefit evaluation of science, technology and innovation policies and the related social and economic issues. We also help the government to evaluate the overall costs and benefits of a national science and technology policy, and propose implementation plans and recommendations for the policy.

Research focus and objectives

We accept and conduct research projects funded by government agencies and other organizations for science and technology policy evaluation. In order to provide accountable evaluation results and policy recommendations, our members have been devoted themselves to various research on economic valuation, economic evaluation model building, performance evaluation methodology, and benefit evaluation methodologies. The research interests of our members include establishment of science and technology development programs and innovation indicators, evaluation analysis of science and technology development and policy, performance evaluation for science and technology research organizations, advanced outlook research on science and technology policies, cost-and-benefit analysis (CBA) of science and technology policies, economic valuation for non-market goods, cost and benefit assessment for environmental and ecological issues, etc.


Name Position Education Research Field
Lin, Hen-I Associate Research Fellow,Director  Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics, Texas A&M University Natural Resource and Environmental Economics Agricultural Economics Market and Information Economics Biosecurity Cost-and-Benefit Analysis
Tai, Chih-Yen Associate Research Fellow,Deputy Director Ph.D. in Management Accounting and Strategy, National Sun Yet-Sen University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan Industry Strategy Management Emerging Technology and Entrepreneurship Green Technology Dual-use Technology
Wu, Hui-Lin Distinguished  Consultant Ph.D. in Economics, National Taiwan University Labor Economics Economic Development Industrial Economics
Liou, Je-Liang Research Fellow Ph.D. National Taiwan University, Department of Agricultural Economics Environmental and Resource Economics Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) Economic Impact Analysis (EIA) External Cost Evaluation Monetary Valuation of Environmental Impacts Nonmarket Evaluation Environmental Policy Evaluation Analysis of Environmental Tax Carbon Pricing on Taiwan
Lo, Shih-Fang Research Fellow Ph.D., Institute of Business and Management, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan Performance Evaluation Financial Market and Investment Sustainable Development
Wen, Fang-I Associate Research Fellow Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University, U.S.A. Agricultural Economics Production Economics Chinese Economy (Industry structure and migrant workers)
Wu, Ming-Tse Associate Research Fellow Ph.D. (Economics) National Taiwan University Economic Development of China Industrial Economic Reform of State-owned Business and Banks
Lai, Wei-Wen Assistant Research Fellow Ph.D. in Economics, National Cheng-Chi University Labor Economics Industrial Economics
Yang, Chin-Wen Assistant Research Fellow Ph.D. in Industrial Economics, National Central University, Taiwan Climate change and environmental economics Energy and resource economics
Hsu, Jen-Hung Analyst Ph.D., Biochemistry Group, Institute of Agricultural Chemistry, National Taiwan University Agricultural Economy Biological Technology
Jheng, Ruei-He Analyst M.S., Graduate Institute of Industrial Economics of NCU Energy economics Environmental economics and Industrial economic analysis Eergy economic econometric model research

Contact Infomation

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