Research Projects

Total Records:1281

No. Title Author Publication
91 An Analysis of International Information of Energy Service Company (ESCO) Industry Yeh, Chang-Chen 2018.11
92 Comparative Study on Pricing Strategies of Oil Industry in Different Countries Chi-Yuan Liang 2018.11
93 Project of Advancement and Upgrade of Food Industry - Analysis of the Impact of Taiwan's Participation in Regional Economic Integration on the Food Industry Yu-Yin Wu 2018.11
94 The Evaluating Tax Expenditures of Profit-seeking Enterprise Income Tax in the Act Governing Establishment and Management of Free Ports and International Airport Shih-Chang Huang 2018.10
95 Economic Security Risk Analysis of Taiwan Labor Elderly Life under the Background of Annuity Reform Ping-lung Hsin 2018.09
96 Digital Content Industry in Taiwan Yu, Pei-Ju 2018.09
97 A project of Greenhouse Gas reduction deliberations and industrial impact assessment Liou, Je-Liang 2018.07
98 The estimation of product and Employment of sport industry in 2015 &2016 Shu-Ying Chang 2018.06
99 The Strategy of Utilizing the development of low-cost carriers to pursue New Southbound Policy - Kaohsiung International Airport as the base point Wen, Pei-Chang 2018.06
100 The estimation of product and Employment of sport industry in 2015 &2016 Shu-Ying Chang 2018.06
101 The Study of Adaptive Strategies of Public Electricity Retailer Under Power Industry Transformation Wang, Kimmie 2018.04
102 2016 National Land Use Plan—Planning for Functional Land Use Zones Lee, Yung-Jaan 2018.03
103 The Study of Promoting Taiwan’s Women Economic Participation Wang, Su-Wan 2018.02
104 Establishment of National Land Use Planning Review Committee and Public Participation Mechanisms for National Land Use Plan and Land Use Permit Systems Yung-Jaan Lee 2018.01
105 The analysis and study on fundamental raw materials of domestic and foreign markets (2017) Shin-Hui Chen 2017.12