591 title lists

No. Title Author Publication Price
1 Health Benefit Assessment of National Ambient Air Quality Standards for PM2.5 in Taiwan Liou, Je-Liang, Pei-Ing Wu, and Ta-Ken Huang 2019.02 Free
2 The Impact on Taiwanese Firms Accused by China – An Economic Analysis of Anti-Dumping Cases Lin, Yuh-Jiun 2018.12 300
3 An Analysis on Personal Retirement Financial Behavior Tsai, Feng-Huang, Chung-Shu Wu, Shih-Chang Huang, and Jia-Yan Liao 2018.11 300
4 Benefit Evaluation of Benchmarking Management: Case of Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Liou, Je-Liang 2018.08 Free
5 Effect of Income Heterogeneity on Value of Statistical Life in Taiwan Liou, Je-Liang 2018.08 Free
6 Economic Assessment of Meteorological Information Services for Livestock Farmers: A Case Study in Taiwan Lin, Hen-I, Je-Liang Liou, and Ruei-Hua Wang 2018.07 Free
7 Fair Value of Biological Assets and Stock Price Informativeness: Evidence from IAS 41 Hsu, Audrey Wen-hsin, Sophia Liu, and Mandy Man 2018.01 Free
8 The Impact of the 2008 Financial Crisis and Regulation Reforms on Loan Growth: Evidence from the Effect of Capital and Liquidity Liu, Chi-Chun, Stephen G. Ryan and Szu-Jung Wu 2018.01 Free
9 Determinants of MNEs' Entry Decisions Yu-Yin Wu 2017.05 300
10 The Moderating Effect of Multiple Groups Between Entrepreneurial Intention and its Influencing Wang, Shu-Mei, Chia-Yuan Hsu, and Wei-Chun Hung 2017.03 Free
11 Multidimensional Exclusion Analysis on Indigenous Social Welfare Policy: Empirical Evidences from Social Change and Policy of Taiwanese Indigenous Peoples Survey Wang, Jiun-Hao and Szu-Yung Wang 2016.01 Free
12 Greenfield vs. Acquisition: The Choice of Taiwanese Multinationals Shu-Fei Yang 2015.11 350
13 Flood Risk Management and Adaptation Action for the Taiwan Electric Sector Kimmie Wang 2015.09 350
14 Policy Issues on Chinese Outward FDI and Chinese Investment in Taiwan Jiun-Mei Tien, Fang-I Wen, Jhih-Han Jheng and I-Chun Liu 2015.05 500
15 The Development of China's Local Regime in Rural Society Jiun-Mei Tien & Shun-Jie Ji 2014.11 500