595 title lists

No. Title Author Publication Price
1 The Change of China’s Policy of Inward FDI and its Impact Shih, Hui-Tzu, Chu-Hsuan Su, and Ze-Jia Chen 2019.12 350
2 The Impact of Taiwan Enterprises’Actions for the Globalization to the Labor Market Peng, Su-Ling 2019.12 350
3 Impact of Regional Economic Integration on Taiwan's Automobile Industry Shih, Hui-Tzu, Yu-Yin Wu, Chu-Nan Hu, and Chu-Hsuan Su 2019.09 350
4 Estimating the Health Benefit of Particulate Matter Reduction in Taiwan—Application of Benefit per Ton Method Liou, Je-Liang 2019.08 300
5 Health Benefit Assessment of National Ambient Air Quality Standards for PM2.5 in Taiwan Liou, Je-Liang, Pei-Ing Wu, and Ta-Ken Huang 2019.02 Free
6 The Impact on Taiwanese Firms Accused by China – An Economic Analysis of Anti-Dumping Cases Lin, Yuh-Jiun 2018.12 300
7 An Analysis on Personal Retirement Financial Behavior Tsai, Feng-Huang, Chung-Shu Wu, Shih-Chang Huang, and Jia-Yan Liao 2018.11 300
8 Benefit Evaluation of Benchmarking Management: Case of Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Liou, Je-Liang 2018.08 Free
9 Effect of Income Heterogeneity on Value of Statistical Life in Taiwan Liou, Je-Liang 2018.08 Free
10 Economic Assessment of Meteorological Information Services for Livestock Farmers: A Case Study in Taiwan Lin, Hen-I, Je-Liang Liou, and Ruei-Hua Wang 2018.07 Free
11 Fair Value of Biological Assets and Stock Price Informativeness: Evidence from IAS 41 Hsu, Audrey Wen-hsin, Sophia Liu, and Mandy Man 2018.01 Free
12 The Impact of the 2008 Financial Crisis and Regulation Reforms on Loan Growth: Evidence from the Effect of Capital and Liquidity Liu, Chi-Chun, Stephen G. Ryan and Szu-Jung Wu 2018.01 Free
13 Determinants of MNEs' Entry Decisions Yu-Yin Wu 2017.05 300
14 The Moderating Effect of Multiple Groups Between Entrepreneurial Intention and its Influencing Wang, Shu-Mei, Chia-Yuan Hsu, and Wei-Chun Hung 2017.03 Free
15 Multidimensional Exclusion Analysis on Indigenous Social Welfare Policy: Empirical Evidences from Social Change and Policy of Taiwanese Indigenous Peoples Survey Wang, Jiun-Hao and Szu-Yung Wang 2016.01 Free