The Economic Law Research Center

Guiding principles

In recent years, the Taiwanese government has been working actively to promote economic liberalization and regional economic integration, and to bring Taiwan's economic legal and regulatory framework in line with international norms. The analysis of potential areas for legal and regulatory revision and adjustment is becoming ever more important. Research on related policy is vital to build the economic legal and regulatory environment needed to strengthen Taiwan's national competitiveness.

As Taiwan's leading economic policy think-tank, CIER has built up significant research capabilities in the area of economic law. CIER's research teams have participated frequently in projects relating to economic legal and regulatory reform and related policy analysis, and have achieved impressive results.

In order to enable CIER's researchers to continue leveraging their specialist expertise, and to further strengthen CIER's capabilities in the area of economic law research, in 2015 CIER established the Economic Law Research Center to coordinate CIER's expertise in related research fields, and maximize the benefits of human resources integration.

Research focus and objectives

(1) Research on Taiwan's economic and trade policy and legal and regulatory needs.

(2) Evaluation of the impact of Taiwan's involvement in foreign trade negotiations and related legal and regulatory adjustment planning.

(3) Comparative analysis of international developments in the field of economic and trade law.

(4) Analysis of the relationship between investment policy, barriers to investment, and the legal and regulatory environment.

(5) Research on the operation of international trade organizations and systems.


Name Position Education Research Field
Yen, Huai-Shing Associate Research Fellow,Director  S.J.D, University of Wisconsin-Madison, U.S.A International Trade Law International Taxation Trade Remedy System International Investment Law
Wang, Yu-Shung Analyst,Deputy Director Master of Law, Soochow University International Trade Law
Lee, Roy Chun Associate Research Fellow PhD in Public Policy, Australian National University, Australia Trade in Services Regional integration Communications Convergence Regulatory and Competition Policy
Cheng, Yun-Hsing Analyst Master of Law, Soochow University International Trade Law International Investment Law

Contact Infomation

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