Research Projects

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No. Title Author Publication
136 The Feasibility Study of Establishing a SME Policy Bank Su-wan Wang 2017.11
137 The estimation of product and Employment of sport industry in 2015 &2016 Shu-Ying Chang 2017.11
138 The Research of the Management of Chemical Substance Cross-Border in Taiwan Lih Chyi Wen 2017.11
139 Facilitating the Competitiveness of Smart Transportation-The Impact Study of Regional Economic Transformation Hui-Tzu Shih 2017.11
140 Accelerate the Industrialization of Fuel Cell Sheng-Yuan Huang 2017.11
141 A study on the feasibility of charging the use of plastic shopping bags and the assessment project to the plan on building up and implementing the fund Wen, Lih-Chyi 2017.11
142 Preliminary Planning for Hualien County to Implement the Smart City Yung-Jaan Lee 2017.10
143 Economic Analysis of Distant Water Fishery in Taiwan Hen-I Lin 2017.10
144 White Paper on Small and Medium Enterprises in Taiwan (2017) Chih-Ming Hung 2017.09
145 The impact analysis and countermeasures to the publishing industry of Taiwan participating in the TPP & TiSA Shin-Tsyr Jing 2017.08
146 Pension Demand and ETF Investment in Taiwan Chung-Shu Wu 2017.08
147 The White Book For Business & Investment In Vietnam Ying-Hua Ku 2017.06
148 Impact Assessment and Analysis of Industrial Greenhouse Gases Management Liou, Je-Liang 2017.06
149 The White Book For Business & Investment In Vietnam Ku, Ying-Hua 2017.05
150 Labor Market Information Collection and Related Analytical Service Project Case (2016) Jiann-chyuan Wang 2017.02