Introduction of The First Research Division

With the goal of strengthening research on the Chinese economy, the First Research Division was established to implement the following research tasks:

(1) Undertaking research on Mainland China's economy, and making the research results serve as a reference for the Taiwanese government in its decision-making.

(2) Organizing academic conferences and other activities to promote the exchange of ideas between domestic and overseas scholars.

(3) Undertaking commissioned research projects on behalf of clients in various sectors and providing economic information and other services.

The research undertaken by the First Research Division falls into three broad categories: academic research, forward-looking policy research, and special research projects commissioned by external organizations. The aim of the Division's academic and policy research is to clarify the underlying logic of how Mainland China's economy operates, and to shed light on the special characteristics of the Chinese economy. In addition, the "future chronology" concept is used to examine the outlook for Mainland China's future economic development and the political logic underpinning the development process. This solid foundation of the transcendent policy research helps the Division undertake commissioned research on specific economic issues, and obtain high-quality research results based on in-depth analysis that can be used to formulate feasible and appropriate policy recommendations for the reference of client organizations in various fields. The First Research Division's main research areas include: industry and technology, the financial sector and government finance, foreign investment and trade, labor issues, demographics and society, regional economic development, etc.

Name Position Education Research Field
Liu, Meng-Chun Research Fellow,Director Ph.D. Monash University, Australia
international economics
industrial organization