Introduction of The Taiwan WTO and RTA Center

Taiwan joined the World Trade Organization (WTO) as the 144th Member on January 1, 2002. Given the fact that the WTO involves a wide range of complex issues and tasks, the Taiwan government started to initiate the establishment of a research institute that not only provides WTO research capacity but also undertakes WTO-related training, database and promotional activities. Under the leadership of Mr. Vincent Siew, former Chairman of Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research (CIER), the Taiwan WTO Center was established on September 8, 2003 as the only government-supported WTO research and advisory institution in Taiwan.

The tasks undertaken by the WTO Center fall into four main categories: policy research, legal advisory and consulting, international trade database, policy promotion activities and human resources development. The objectives of the Taiwan WTO Center are to strengthen the understanding and awareness of WTO/FTA-related issues, to develop trade negotiation skills, and to build up Taiwan’s capacity to participate in international trade affairs. In terms of research focuses, the key research areas for the WTO Center include multilateral trade regimes and negotiations under the auspices of the WTO, and issues related to the development of regional integration and bilateral trade agreements. Specific trade topics covered by the WTO Center’s research professionals include the following nine issues: agriculture, market access for non-agricultural products, service trade liberalization, trade rules, the relationship between international trade and the environment, the relationship between trade and development, dispute resolution, intellectual property rights, and trade facilitation. The WTO Center has also undertaken research on a number of trade-related issues that have not been addressed in the Doha Round negotiations, including rules of origin, animal and plant product sanitary inspection, state enterprises, the balance of payments, and technical barriers to trade, and so on. As regards its involvement in enhancing Taiwan’s capacity to participate in various international trade fora, the WTO Center has established a major international trade database. The Center also publishes a number of publications and a weekly e-newsletter. Several WTO- and FTA-related international conferences or workshops are also organized each year.

Name Position Education Research Field
Yeh, Chun-Hsien Executive Director Ph.D. in Economics, University of Rochester (2002)
Fair allocation mechanism design
Game Theory
Microeconomics and Mathematical Economics
Political and Public Economy
Yen, Huai-Shing Associate Research Fellow,Senior Deputy Executive Director S.J.D, University of Wisconsin-Madison, U.S.A
International Trade Law
International Taxation
Trade Remedy System
International Investment Law
Lee, Roy Chun Associate Research Fellow PhD in Public Policy, Australian National University, Australia
Trade in Services
Regional integration
Communications Convergence
Regulatory and Competition Policy
Hsu, Kristy Tsun Tzu Associate Research Fellow L.L.M, Soochow University, Taiwan
International Organizations
International Trade Law
Dispute Settlement
Gender and Development Issues
Jiang, Wun-Ji Assistant Research Fellow Ph.D., Department of Agricultural Economics, National Taiwan University, R.O.C.
Analysis of Trade Policy
Agricultural Trade
Applied Microeconometrics
Economics of Gender
Yang, Ming-Min Assistant Research Fellow Ph.D., Political Science and International Relations,
Economic Statecraft
Economic Security
International Political Relations
Politics in East Asia
Wang, Yu-Shung Analyst Master of Law, Soochow University
International Trade Law
Li, Yi-Ching Analyst Graduate Institution of Industrial Economics, National Central University
International Trade
Regional Economic Integration
Hsu, Yu-Chia Analyst MSc in Public Policy, University College London (UCL), UK
International Trade
WTO NAMA issues
Su, Yi-Wen Analyst Master in Ethnology, National Chengchi University, Taiwan.
Trade & Development
International Relations
Cultural anthropology
Islamic Politics and Social Culture Studies
Korean Studies
Cheng, Yun-Hsing Analyst Master of Law, Soochow University
International Trade Law
International Investment Law

Taiwan WTO and RTA Center

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