574 title lists

No. Title Author Publication Price
226 An Econometric Analysis of Taiwan's Direct Foreign Investment Lin,An-loh. Lien,Wen-jung. Lai,Hwa-tsai. 1994.06 Out of print
227 An Evaluation of the Effect of Government Research and Development Promotion Schemes in the Electrical Component Industry Jiann-chyuan Wang and Kuen-hung Tsai 1994.06 Out of print
228 Conference on Changing Employment Relations and Human Resource Management in Asia 1994.06 Out of print
229 Does Taiwan’s Industrialization have its Own Paradigm? Tzong-shian Yu 1994.06 Out of print
230 A Trade Oriented Macroeconometric Model for Taiwan Chou,George J 1994.05 Out of print
231 Conference on International Economic Development Assistance 1994.05 Out of print
232 Is there a Bona Fide Labor Movement in Taiwan Joseph S. Lee 1994.04 Out of print
233 Taiwan’s Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Development Tzong-shian Yu 1994.04 Out of print
234 The Determinants of Intra-Industry Trade Between Taiwan and the USA and Japan Liu,Meng-chun 1994.04 Out of print
235 The Role of the State in Economic Restructuring and Development: The Case of Taiwan Joseph S. Lee 1994.04 Out of print
236 Comparison Analysis of Taiwan's Intra-Industry Trade with mainland China and other Trading Partners Lin,Yuh-jiun 1994.03 Out of print
237 The Impact of North American Economic Integration on Taiwan Jiann-chyuan Wang and Homin Chen 1994.03 Out of print
238 Trade Effects of Direct Foreign Investment: The Bilateral Case An-loh Lin 1994.02 Out of print
239 A Study of the Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises Financial System in Taiwan Ya-hwei Yang 1994.01 Out of print
240 Causality Between Defence Spending and Economic Growth: The Case of Mainland China reprinted from Journal of Economic Studies, Vol.20, No.6, 1993, pp.37-43. Chien-hsun Chen 1994.01 Out of print