574 title lists

No. Title Author Publication Price
181 A Comparison of the Economic Development Policies of The ROC and Spain: The Second International Conference on ROC and Spanish Economy and Trade 1995.09 Out of print
182 The Analysis of Growth and Sources of Structure Changes in Mainland China's Industries FuFeng-cheng 1995.09 Out of print
183 The Impact of Access to the WTO on Taiwan's Economy Ji Chou, Shiu-tung Wang and Su-ling Perng 1995.09 Out of print
184 Taiwan’s Perspective on Sino-American Economic Relations Tzong-shian Yu 1995.07 Out of print
185 The Production Functiuon and Technical Efficiency of the Home Appliance Industry in Mainland China -- An Application of Stochastic Frontier Approach Tsai,Hui-mei. 1995.07 Out of print
186 Workshop on Asia-Pacific Regional Operations Centers and the Hong Kong Experience, Taipei 1995.07 Out of print
187 A Study of Energy Consumption in Taiwan's Residential and Commercial Sectors Wang,King Min 1995.06 Out of print
188 An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of R & D Investment Tax Credit in the Statute for Industrial Upgrading and Promotion Wang,Jiann-chyuan 1995.06 Out of print
189 S.C.Tsiang His Contribution to Economic Theory Tzong-shian Yu and Joseph S. Lee, ed. 1995.06 Out of print
190 The Price Structure of Taiwan: An Econometric Analysis Lin,An-loh 1995.05 Out of print
191 An Analysis of Taiwan's Price: Will there be a Higher Rate of Inflation in Taiwan in 1995? Ya-hwei Yang 1995.04 Out of print
192 Grazing Management and Rehabilitation of Degraded Rangeland in Western Australia King-min Wang 1995.04 Out of print
193 Russian Chronicles under Boris Yeltsin’s Presidency Cherng-shin Ouyang and Gabor L. Papp 1995.04 Out of print
194 An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Government R&D Tax Credits Jiann-chyuan Wang & Homin Chen 1995.03 Out of print
195 New Challenges and Breakthroughs in the Electric Utilities Industry: Customer- oriented Perspective Tser-yieth Chen 1995.03 Out of print