Research on Information Module and Monitoring of Waste Paper and Scrap Iron Recycling 

No.: PR2681

Author: Lin, Tsung-Yu

Price: Not for Sale

Publication: 2023.12


To maintain stability in the domestic recycling market, the objective of this project is to establish a model for decision making that can promptly grasp and monitor the fluctuations in the prices and quantities of waste paper and scrap metal. As the analysis of the relationship between the purchase prices of waste paper and scrap metal and their raw material prices, international purchase prices, and related commodity prices has been completed in the previous project last year , the current project focuses not only on enhancing the models of the preliminary analysis but also on the establishment of a database and dashboard to facilitate ongoing utilization by the Recycling Fund Management Board after the project concludes. This project begins by first defining the scope of data and confirming data sources. The majority of data has been extracted automatically and populated into a database to facilitate dashboard presentation and analysis. The database encompasses various con tent, including the purchase prices of waste paper and scrap iron, along with their related pricing, the Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI) for the manufacturing industry, foreign exchange reference rates, revenue data from relevant publicly listed and OTC c ompanies, customs import and export data, resource recycling volumes from implementing agencies, and price reference data from the Miaoli County Environmental Protection Bureau. Subsequently, the layout design for the decision support dashboard is completed, and integration with the system database is established. APIs are developed to access the raw data needed for waste paper and scrap iron recycling information models,which are then integrated with statistical analysis software. This facilitates the creation of waste paper and scrap iron pricing trend predictions and the setup of alert functions. Market data from the CIP Commodity Market is used for statistical analysis , presenting pricing investigation trends for waste paper and scrap iron. In addition to updating pricing data and trend analysis for waste paper and scrap iron, optimization of the prediction models is conducted based on the aforementioned tasks. This results in the completion of predictive models for waste paper and scrap iron pricing for the next three months, along with recommendations for alerts and responsive measures based on the forecasted values.