An Analysis of International Information of Energy Service Company (ESCO) Industry 

No.: PR2550

Author: Yeh, Chang-Chen

Price: Not for Sale

Publication: 2022.12


In order to cope with the issue of climate change and effectively reducing greenhouse gas and its impact on global climate and envrinment, countries all over the world promoted the energy saving and carbon reduction policied or measures to encourage the investment and developement in energy efficiency for achieving the goal of “net-zero emission in 2050.” The energy investment in 2020 was over US$250 billion and increased to US$ 300 billion in 2021 under the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The output value of energy service companies (ESCOs) in the world still reached US$ 33 billion in 2020, which was in growth by 6% comaring the output value in 2019. In the meantime, the output value of Taiwan’s ESCO industry was siginifacantly in expansion from NT$ 370 million in 1995 to NT$ 13.9 billion in 2021. However, Taiwan’s ESCO industry still faces various challenges, which includes the low energy price increasing the pay-back period, and dereacsing the incentives of end-users to invest the ESCO projects; the COVID-19 pandemic decreasing the investment of service industry; Taiwan’s ESCO capacity of the energy conservation in manucacturing sector still lack of key technology. Taiwan’s ESCO industry need the promotion plan and the intergrated support to enhance the growth of industry and the friendly development environment. Therefore, this project has three major aspects as follows: First, in terms of the stocktaking of the international ESCO industry information, this project mainly collects, organizes, and analyzes data from three countries, including Australia, Belgium and Finland. The information mainly includes the current status of mature ESCO markets, their industrial promotion policies and measures, and their policy effects, and this project also develops promotion strategy based on Taiwan’s current development status of ESCO industry. In addition, this project summarizes the current status of ESCO development, key policies and promotion effects in international studies over the years and analyzes the key factors for the successful development of ESCO in different countries in order to learn more from the successful experience of each country; Secondly, in terms of ESCO potential market analysis, models will be established to evaluate the potential development, and to predict the impact of carbon fee and the electricity trading platform on the potential output value of ESCO industry, which might introduce ESCO business opportunity in the end; Finally, in terms of providing important information on ESCO overseas markets, this project will collect international ESCO related regulations, business information, innovative technologies and activity information (including greenhouse gas reduction, energy storage, carbon tax or carbon trading, etc.), and upload to the business opportunity platform for business reference. In addition, it will also compile international information and stocktake the industrial export models and government-assisted resources to issue e-newsletters, so as to provide ESCO business with a convenient reference of overseas export information.