595 title lists

No. Title Author Publication Price
46 The operational theory of China's planned economy Jung-Feng Chang 2008.01 Out of print
47 A study of China’s macroeconomic adjustment : why it happens from time to time(in Chinese) 2007.09 Out of print
48 An Impact Study of Levying Carbon Tax and Energy Tax on Electricity Supply Sector(in Chinese) King Min Wang 2007.09 Out of print
49 The Economic Impact of Taiwan's Investment Tax Credits and its Direction of Adjustment Lien, Wen-Jung, Jiann-Chyuan Wang, Su-Wan Wang, and Feng-Huang Tsai 2007.09 Free
50 Determinants of Highly-Skilled Migration- Taiwan's Experiences Chen Chiu, Lee-in and Jen-yi Hou 2007.07 Free
51 The Policy, Institution and Market Factors in the Development of Taiwan's Textile/Garment Industry Chen Chiu, Lee-in 2007.07 Free
52 The Purposes and Outcomes of the Seasoned Equity Offerings of Firms in Taiwan Ya-Hwei Yang and Shu-Hui Chan 2007.07 Out of print
53 The study of US power market deregulation and the case of PJM(in Chinese) 2007.07 Out of print
54 A Pilot Study of Locational Marginal Pricing for Deregulated Electricity Market in Taiwan King Min Wang and Ting-Wei Kuo 2007.06 Out of print
55 The rise of BRICs and the global economy(in Chinese) 2007.06 Out of print
56 A Study of EU Power Market Deregulation and the Reform Performance(in Chinese) King-Min Wang 2007.03 Out of print
57 The Impact Study of CO2 Emission Target Control on the Electricity Supply Sector 2007.03 Out of print
58 The Study of new load management programs under the deregulated electricity market in Taiwan(in Chinese) King-Min Wang 2007.03 Out of print
59 The Labour Market and Economic Development of Taiwan Edited by Joseph S. Lee 2007.01 Out of print
60 An impact analysis of the generation fuel-mix policy on the level of CO2 emission and electricity price 2006.11 Out of print