The test of waste small household appliances with an automated processing system for recycling 

No.: PR2528

Author: Liao, Lin-Chuan

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Publication: 2022.12


Up to date, with the ever-increasing variety and quantity of small household appliances and consumer electronics in the market, the recycling processing for small household appliances in Taiwan still heavily relies on hand dissembling by private collectors and recyclers. It is indeed economically discouraging for collectors to process small household appliances due the high cost of human power and limited returned values. Inaddition, the pollution control from the hand processing process is another issue. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a long-term solution for the recycling operation of small household appliances and consumer electronics. This project discusses the feasibility of mechanical processing on small household appliances with the assessment focused on the treatment efficiency, sorting of secondary materials and derived waste, as well as the environmental and economic benefits. Moreover, this project compares the assessment results with traditional hand processing to propose a feasible standard operation procedure.