Introduction of The Third Research Division

The Third Research Division was established on July 1, 1981, at the same time as the establishment of CIER, to conduct research on the economy of Taiwan. The Division's research focuses on the economic outlook for Taiwan and the major domestic economic issues. The Division also examines key aspects of economic policy and offers policy recommendations.

The Third Research Division is divided by research field into seven sections: macroeconomics, monetary policy and finance, taxation, industrial economics, human resources, the resource environment, and social welfare. The Division undertakes academic research and conducts special research projects commissioned by government agencies, state-owned enterprises and the private sector. The Division's researchers also carry out self-directed research based on their own individual research interests. The Division's objective is to conduct exploration of academic theories and empirical verification to provide rigorous analysis and policy recommendations in regard to economic issues and economic policy, for the reference of the Taiwanese government and the private sector.

Currently, the main research scope of the Third Research Division includes small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) development, industrial development and government policy tools, labor policy, climate change and environmental protection, land use planning and regional development strategy, service sector development policy, the bio-economy and related government policies, internationalization of the healthcare sector, and hi-tech industry development.

Name Position Education Research Field
Wang, Jiann-Chyuan Vice President,Director