Introduction of The Taiwan ASEAN Studies Center

The last few years have seen rapid progress in regional economic integration centered round the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). Taiwan has for many years enjoyed close collaboration with the ASEAN member states in the fields of trade, investment, industry, culture, education, etc. With the ASEAN region currently experiencing rapid economic development, Taiwan has an urgent need to develop strategies and models to participate more effectively in ASEAN-based regional economic integration. CIER's Taiwan ASEAN Studies Center (TASC) was established on October 1, 2009. Its main goal is to establish a platform for domestic and international exchanges and communication in regard to ASEAN-related research, so as to strengthen the interaction and collaboration between Taiwan and ASEAN.

The Taiwan ASEAN Studies Center has six main tasks:

(1) To establish a platform for domestic and international exchange and communication in regard to ASEAN-related research.

(2) To strengthen interaction and collaboration with think-tanks and government agencies in ASEAN member states.

(3) To strengthen research and analysis capabilities in regard to ASEAN and regional economic development.

(4) To provide research and advisory functions in relation to strategies for enhancing Taiwan's participation in ASEAN-based and other regional economic integration initiatives.

(5) To enhance planning and implementation of models of various types for collaboration with ASEAN member states.

(6) To expand awareness-raising activities (both domestic and international) in regard to the ASEAN member states and regional economic integration, and to conduct research and analysis, policy consultation and strategic planning.

Name Position Education Research Field
Chang, Chuang-Chang Executive Director Ph.D., Accounting and Finance, Lancaster University, UK
Futures and Options Market
Risk Management
International Financial Management
Hsu, Kristy Tsun Tzu Associate Research Fellow,Director  L.L.M, Soochow University, Taiwan
International Organizations
International Trade Law
Dispute Settlement
Gender and Development Issues
Wu, Chia-Hsuan Associate Research Fellow Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics, National Taiwan University
Agricultural Economics
General equilibrium modeling
Health Economics
Wu, Yu-Yin Assistant Research Fellow Ph. D. in Economics, National Taiwan University
International Trade
Chen, Shin-Hui Assistant Research Fellow Ph.D., National Dong Hwa University, Taiwan
Time Series Analysis
Behavioral Finance
Investments and Market Microstructure.

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