Research Projects

1228 title lists

No. 研究計畫成果報告名稱 計畫主持人 Publication
1216 A Survey of the Employment Status of 1983 and 1984 College, University and Graduate School Graduates in Taiwan Tzong-shian Yu 1986.06
1217 A Performance Appraisal of Technological Cooperation in the Plastic and Rubber Industry Kuang-tao Hsueh 1986.05
1218 A Study of Taiwan's Foreign Trade Structure and Policy Recommendations for the Diversification of Trade Tzong-shian Yu and Kuang-tao Hsueh 1985.10
1219 Household Sector Electricity Demand Forecasting in Taiwan, 1985-2001 an End Use Approach Li-min Hsueh 1985.09
1220 A Study on the Economic Problems of Mainland China and Hong Kong Tzong-shian Yu 1985.08
1221 Study on the Determination of the Labor Pension Fund Contribution Rate in Taiwan Tzong-shian Yu and Gee San 1985.03
1222 A Study of Current Investment Situation and Associated Problems in Taiwan Tzong-shian Yu and An-loh Lin 1985.01
1223 An Evaluation of the Operation and Management of the Chinese Sugar Company Tzong-shian Yu and Chi-ming Hou 1984.11
1224 A Study of the Optimal Price Structure of Oil-related Products after the Importation of Liquefied Natural Gas Tzong-shian Yu and Gee San 1984.09
1225 New Investment Opportunities in Taiwan Tzong-shian Yu 1984.09
1226 The Threat of Communist China's Foreign Trade to Taiwan and Taiwan's Reaction Tzong-shian Yu and Deh-pei Yu 1983.09
1227 An Evaluation of the Operation and Management of the Chinese Petroleum Corporation Tzong-shian Yu and Hao-chun Chang 1983.03
1228 An Evaluation of the Scope and Management of Public Enterprises in Taiwan Tzong-shian Yu and Sheng-tien Wu 1983.03