Research Projects

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No. 研究計畫成果報告名稱 計畫主持人 Publication
31 The Project of Investment Promotion 2018 Da-Nien Liu 2018.12
32 The rationality study of security transaction tax from warrants of making market oblligations and hedging stock trading by securities dealer Chung-Shu Wu 2018.12
33 The Study of Improving the Labor Force Participation of Childbearing Women Su-Wan Wang 2018.12
34 The Study on Future Prospects of Electricity Resource Mix Jong-Shun Chen 2018.12
35 An Analysis of International Information of Energy Service Company (ESCO) Industry Chang-Chen Yeh 2018.11
36 Comparative Study on Pricing Strategies of Oil Industry in Different Countries Chi-Yuan Liang 2018.11
37 Project of Advancement and Upgrade of Food Industry - Analysis of the Impact of Taiwan's Participation in Regional Economic Integration on the Food Industry Yu-Yin Wu 2018.11
38 The Study of Energy Efficiency Analysis in Residential Sector and Peak Clipping Measures in Residential and Commercial Sectors Ruei-He Jheng 2018.11
39 The Evaluating Tax Expenditures of Profit-seeking Enterprise Income Tax in the Act Governing Establishment and Management of Free Ports and International Airport Shih-Chang Huang 2018.10
40 Digital Content Industry in Taiwan Pei-Ju Yu 2018.09
41 Economic Security Risk Analysis of Taiwan Labor Elderly Life under the Background of Annuity Reform Ping-lung Hsin 2018.09
42 A project of Greenhouse Gas reduction deliberations and industrial impact assessment Je-Liang Liou 2018.07
43 The estimation of product and Employment of sport industry in 2015 &2016 Shu-Ying Chang 2018.06
44 The estimation of product and Employment of sport industry in 2015 &2016 Shu-Ying Chang 2018.06
45 The Strategy of Utilizing the development of low-cost carriers to pursue New Southbound Policy - Kaohsiung International Airport as the base point Wen, Pei-Chang 2018.06