Research Projects

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No. 研究計畫成果報告名稱 計畫主持人 Publication
31 Platform Thinking and Strategy for Promoting Extended EEE Producer Responsibility Lih-Chyi Wen 2019.12
32 The estimation of product and Employment of sport industry in 2017 &2018 Wen-Jung Lien 2019.12
33 The estimation of product and Employment of sport industry in 2017 &2018 Wen-Jung Lien 2019.12
34 The Impact of Policy Tools on Electricity Load Reduction or Load Shift of Industries in Commercial Sector Ruei-He Jheng 2019.12
35 The Microgrid for Biomass to Application Model and Engineering Evaluation Research Chun-Hsu Lin 2019.12
36 An Analysis of International Information of Energy Service Company (ESCO) Industry Chang-Chen Yeh 2019.11
37 Innovative Growth Partnership: Taiwan and New Southbound Countries Shin-Horng Chen 2019.10
38 The Study of T/D Regulations and Contracts for Power Wheeling Kimmie Wang 2019.06
39 Analysis of the Adjustment Mechanism About the Gas station Operating Expenses Chi-Yuan Liang 2019.05
40 The Impacts of "Made in China 2025" on Taiwan's Industrial Development Fang-I Wen 2019.05
41 The Positioning of Coal-fired Power Plant during Energy Transformation and The Effect of CO2 Emission Ruei-He Jheng 2019.03
42 Research on the Impact of New Economic Models and the Development of New Technologies on Taiwan's Labor Market with the Strategies of Addressing the Impact Chun-Pu Lin 2019.01
43 2018 Establishing Societal Economic Benefit Evaluation and Decision System for Climate Service Innovations for Agriculture and Fishery Chung Shu Wu 2018.12
44 2018 White Paper on Small and Medium Enterprises in Taiwan Jiann-Chyuan Wang 2018.12
45 Accelerating the Training of the Trans field Digital Talents -- Trans field Digital Talents Practical Topic Training Lee-Rong Wang 2018.12