Research Projects

1228 title lists

No. 研究計畫成果報告名稱 計畫主持人 Publication
136 White Paper on Small and Medium Enterprises in Taiwan (2016) Chih-Ming Hung 2016.10
137 Labor Market Information Collection and Related Analytical Service Project Case (2016) Jiann-chyuan Wang 2016.09
138 White Paper on Small and Medium Enterprises in Taiwan (2016) Chih-Ming Hung 2016.09
139 The Impacts of Mainland China''s 13th Five Year Plan on Taiwan''s Economy and the Measures Taiwan should Take to Address the Impacts Wen, Fang-I 2016.07
140 The strategy to promote Taiwan's hidden champion by using the capital market Liu Meng-chun 2016.07
141 A Project of Development Cases Greenhouse Gases Management and Analysis of Demand and Supply of Crediting Market Liou, Je-Liang 2016.06
142 The Evaluation Report of Tax Expenditure on the Long-Term Care Insurance in 2015 Shih-Chang Huang 2016.06
143 The internationalization obstacle and qualification of Taiwan's securities company- the study of Asian regional securities company Chung-Shu Wu 2016.04
144 The research for Taiwan biology economical industry development strategy plan Jiann-chyuan Wang 2016.04
145 Toward a green economic in Taiwan Chih-Ming Hung 2016.04
146 Life-Cycle Analysis for Taiwan''s Vehicles Liang, Chi-Yuan 2016.03
147 2015 climate change adaptation action plans in Hualien county Yung-Jaan Lee 2016.01
148 Taiwan's Internet Economy and Its Impact Shin-Horng Chen 2016.01
149 2015 annual project“constructing mechanism for innovation counselling and resource service” Shih-Chang Huang 2015.12
150 2015 annual project“The evaluation of the impact of regional economic integration on the development of SMEs” Jiann-chyuan Wang 2015.12