44 title lists

No. Title Author Publication Price
31 Dynamic Partner Fit of International Alliances: The Experience of Taiwanese Construction Consulting Firms Wu, Hsueh-Liang 2011.02 Free
32 How Does Economic Crisis Affect Income Inequality of the Farm Households? Empirical Evidence in Taiwan Chang, Hung-Hao and Chun-Yen Chang 2011.02 Free
33 2008.03 Free
34 2008.03 Free
35 2007.09 Free
36 2007.09 Free
37 2007.09 Free
38 The Economic Impact of Taiwan's Investment Tax Credits and its Direction of Adjustment Lien, Wen-Jung, Jiann-Chyuan Wang, Su-Wan Wang, and Feng-Huang Tsai 2007.09 Free
39 Determinants of Highly-Skilled Migration- Taiwan's Experiences Chen Chiu, Lee-in and Jen-yi Hou 2007.07 Free
40 The Policy, Institution and Market Factors in the Development of Taiwan's Textile/Garment Industry Chen Chiu, Lee-in 2007.07 Free
41 2007.05 Free
42 2002.08 Free
43 2002.05 Free
44 The Role of "Open-Door" Policy in China''s Economic Development and Integration Process Chen-Min Hsu and Wan-Chun Liu 2002.01 Free