Conference Papers

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16 Post Catch-up with Market Cultivation and Product Servicizing: Case of Taiwan's Transportation Equipment Industries Chen, Shin-Horng and Pei-Chang Wen 2014.05 Free
17 2013.04 Free
18 2013.04 Free
19 The Development and Evolution of China's Mobile Phone Industry Chen, Shin-Horng and Pei-Chang Wen 2013.04 Free
20 Business Concepts of Systemic Service Innovations in e-Healthcare Chen, Shin-Horng, Pei-Chang Wen, and Chih-Kai Yang 2012.03 Free
21 Multi-stakeholder Performance Evaluation of Technology-Based Systematic Service Innovations: e-Healthcare Programs in Taiwan Yang, Chih-Kai, Shin-Horng Chen, Pei-Chang Wen, and Hung Chih Lai 2012.03 Free
22 2012.02 Free
23 2012.02 Free
24 Short-run or Long-run Impacts of Tobacco Tax on Teenager's Smoking? A Ten-year Longitudinal Study Huang, Fung-Mey and Yu-Ning Chien 2012.02 Free
25 The fit between desired and actual time, and its association with work results 2012.02 Free
26 2011.02 Free
27 2011.02 Free
28 2011.02 Free
29 2011.02 Free
30 2011.02 Free