575 title lists

No. Title Author Publication Price
121 Should National Annuity Get Underway before the Year 2000? Conference Proceedings Chao-cheng Mai 1998.10 Out of print
122 Conference on Economic Prosperity at Home and Abroad Chao-cheng Mai 1998.09 Out of print
123 Conference on Promoting Exports to the Mainland China Internal Market through International Strategic Alliances Chao-cheng Mai 1998.08 Out of print
124 Seminar on Responses to the Kyoto Protocol on Energy and the Environment Chao-cheng Mai 1998.06 Out of print
125 Seminar on the WTO Effect and its Impact on Cross-Straits Economic Development Chao-cheng Mai 1998.06 Out of print
126 An Empirical Study of Fiscal Decentralization in Mainland China(in Chinese) Chen Chien-Hsun 1998.05 Out of print
127 Dummy Functions in the Koyck Distributed-Lag Model An-loh Lin 1998.05 Out of print
128 An Empirical Study of Agricultural Growth Determinants for the Chinese Transitional Rural Economy Chen Chien-Hsun 1998.04 Out of print
129 Conference on Cross-Straits Cooperation in Stabilizing Southeast Asian Finance and Regional Economic Development Chao-cheng Mai 1998.04 Out of print
130 Privatization, Stabilization, and Liberalization—An Alternative Approach to Post-Socialist Transformation Cherng-Shin Ouyang 1998.03 Out of print
131 Taiwan's Agricultural Investment in Mainland China (1991-1996) Jiun-Mei Tien 1998.03 Out of print
132 The Evaluation of Public Satisfaction for the Programs of Air Pollution Fees King-Min Wang and Pao-Chu Liao 1998.03 Out of print
133 An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Government Investment Tax Credit on Firms’ Automation Activities Jiann-Chyuan Wang and Kuen-Hung Tsai 1998.01 Out of print
134 Evaluating Renewable Energy Generation: The Application of the System Planning Method 1998.01 Out of print
135 Foreign Direct Investment, Spillovers and Catching Up -- The Case of Taiwan Wen-Thuen Wang 1998.01 Out of print