575 title lists

No. Title Author Publication Price
106 Uncertain Innovation and Market Strategy with Production Experiences Shun-chiao Chang 1999.08 Out of print
107 Wind Generation and Its Economic Evaluation King Min Wang and Yu Lan Chien 1999.08 Out of print
108 A Study of Waste Recycling-and-Treatment Fees for Scrap Personal Computers(in Chinese) Lihchyi Wen and K.M.Wang 1999.07 Out of print
109 A Study of the Arrangements for the Wheeling of Electricity in Taiwan Companies(in Chinese) K.M.Wang and George J. Y. Hsu 1999.05 Out of print
110 Privatization of the East German Conglomerates: Bailing-Out or Consistent State Policy Support? Cherng-Shin Ouyang 1999.05 Out of print
111 Analysis and Suggestions on Taiwan's Current Economic Problems Chao-cheng Mai 1999.04 Out of print
112 A New Technological Landscape in Asia Pacific Workshop 1999.03 Out of print
113 A Study of the Ways of Helping High-Tech Companies Listedin the Stock Markets(in Chinese) An-loh Lin, Su-Wan Sun 1999.02 Out of print
114 An Assessment of the Impact of CO2 Mitigation in Taiwan George J. Y. Hsu and Tser-yieth Chen 1999.01 Out of print
115 Causality Between Saving and Investment:An Application of Cointegration and Error-Correction Modeling Su-Ling Peng 1999.01 Out of print
116 Seminar on United States Trade Adjustment Assistance and the Import Relief System 1999.01 Out of print
117 Conference Proceedings on the Impact of the ECU on the European Union, the International Community and the Two Sides of the Taiwan Straits Chao-cheng Mai 1998.12 Out of print
118 Enterprise' Financing Problems and the Financial Crisis Chao-cheng Mai 1998.12 Out of print
119 A Study on the Priority of Government Science and Technology Project —An Application of AHP Method Jiann-Chyuan Wang, Ya-Hwei Yang, Kuen-Hung Tsai, Keh-Nan Sun 1998.11 Out of print
120 Seminar on the Possible Effects of Economic Development in Mainland China on Cross-Straits Economic Links and Taiwanese Chao-cheng Mai 1998.10 Out of print