575 title lists

No. Title Author Publication Price
76 Urbanization, East Asia and Habitat II(paper) Ian Douglas and Shu-LI Huang 2002.07 Out of print
77 Mainland China’s Investment Strategy -The Case Study of Chemical Industry in Taiwan-(in Chinese) Hui-Tzu Shih 2002.06 Out of print
78 Public Financing Support for Industrial Technology Development in Taiwan(in Chinese) Keh Nan-Sun 2002.06 Out of print
79 A Study of the Structure and Formula of Fees Chargeable by NEMMCO in Australia(in Chinese) King-Min Wang and Chia-Chieh Lin 2002.05 Out of print
80 A Study of the WTO Negotiations on the Harmonization of Rule of Origin(in Chinese) Pei-Chou Lin 2002.05 Out of print
81 Future Prospect of Free Convertibility of the Renminbi:A study on Aspects of China’s Economic System Transformation(in Chinese) Cherng-Shin Ouyang 2002.05 Out of print
82 An Assessment of Trade and Investment Relationship between China and the Southeast Asia(in Chinese) Hsiu-Ling Wu 2002.01 Out of print
83 China's Impacts on Taiwan's Manufacturing Industry Following WTO Accession: A Questionnaire Survey(in Chinese) Hui-Tzu Shih and Shin-Horng Chen 2001.12 Out of print
84 The Effective Measure of Preventing Short-term Capital Flows(in Chinese) Hsiu-Ling Wu 2001.12 Out of print
85 A Study of the Electricity Transaction Issues for the Deregulation of Power Industry in Taiwan(in chinese) King-Min Wang 2001.09 Out of print
86 The Economic Analysis of Mitigation Policies for Air Pollutants Emissions from Power Industry In Taiwan King-Min Wang and Ting-Wei Kuo 2001.06 Out of print
87 An Assessment of Outward Foreign Direct Investment from China's transitional Economy(in Chinese) Hsiu-Ling Wu and Chien-Hsun Chen 2001.05 Out of print
88 Taiwan, East Asia and Copenhagen Commitment(cloth) Lee-in Chen Chiu 2001.05 Out of print
89 Taiwan, East Asia and Copenhagen Commitment(paper) Lee-in Chen Chiu,ed. 2001.05 Out of print
90 An Assessment of Economic and Trade Relationship between China and the Latin America(in Chinese) Hsiu-Ling Wu and Chien-Hsun Chen 2001.04 Out of print