575 title lists

No. Title Author Publication Price
61 New Challenges for Sustainable Development in Millennia(paper) Cho-han Liu 2003.08 Out of print
62 An Empirical Study of the Impact on Investment, Output and Tax Revenue from the Imputation Tax System in Taiwan Keh-Nan Sun, Chin-Sheun Ho and Suming Lin 2003.07 Out of print
63 The Construction of a Trade Competitiveness Analysis System and its Application to the Comparison of the Competitiveness of Taiwan and Mainland China in the US Market Wen-Jung Lien 2003.05 Out of print
64 Taxation and Economic Development in Taiwan Glenn P. Jenkins, Chun-Yan Kuo, and Keh-Nan Sun 2003.04 Out of print
65 The Economic Analysis of Unfunded Mandates in The Case of Environmental Protection Lihchyi Wen 2003.03 Out of print
66 Firm Turnover、Resource Reallocation and Productivity Growth:Evidence from Taiwanese Manufacturing Sector Pei-Chou Lin 2003.02 Out of print
67 An Application of Deregulated Power Marker Experience to Taiwan ISO Fee Structure Design King-Min Wang, Chia-Wen Tu 2002.11 Out of print
68 The Congestion Management for the Deregulated Taiwan Electricity Market King-Min Wang and Chia-Chieh Lin 2002.11 Out of print
69 A Retrospective Analysis and the Outlook for Financial Support measures for Industries in Taiwan(in Chinese) Ya-Hwei Yang,Ying-Yi Tu 2002.09 Out of print
70 An economic analysis of ban on MTBE in Taiwan Lihchyi Wen 2002.09 Out of print
71 Taiwans Tax Burden, Tax Structure and Tax Reform(in Chinese) Keh-Nan Sun 2002.09 Out of print
72 The Determinants of the Euro Exchange Rates(in Chinese) Hsien-Feng Lee and Chi-Ting Jin 2002.08 Out of print
73 The Dispatch Tariff Structure and Computing Methods of California Independent System Operator(ISO)(in Chinese) King-Min Wang and Chia-Wen Tu 2002.08 Out of print
74 The Study of Power Market Operation and the Dispatch Tariff structure : the Case of PJM Independent System Operator (PJMISO)(in chinese) King-Min Wang, Chia-Wen Tu 2002.08 Out of print
75 Urbanization, East Asia and Habitat II(cloth) Ian Douglas and Shu-Li Huang 2002.07 Out of print