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No. Title Author Publication Price
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36 The operational theory of China's planned economy Chang, Jung-Feng 2008.01 Out of print
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38 An Impact Study of Levying Carbon Tax and Energy Tax on Electricity Supply Sector(in Chinese) Wang, King-Min 2007.09 Out of print
39 The Purposes and Outcomes of the Seasoned Equity Offerings of Firms in Taiwan Yang, Ya-Hwei; Chan, Shu-Hui 2007.07 Out of print
40 The study of US power market deregulation and the case of PJM(in Chinese) Wang, King-Ming 2007.07 Out of print
41 A Pilot Study of Locational Marginal Pricing for Deregulated Electricity Market in Taiwan Wang, King-Min; Kuo, Ting-Wei 2007.06 Out of print
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43 The Impact Study of CO2 Emission Target Control on the Electricity Supply Sector Wang, King-Ming 2007.03 Out of print
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45 A Study of EU Power Market Deregulation and the Reform Performance(in Chinese) Wang, King-Ming 2007.03 Out of print