574 title lists

No. Title Author Publication Price
241 The Locational Choice of Foreign Direct Investment in Mainland China--An Empirical Study Chen,Chien-hsun 1994.01 Out of print
242 Improvement of Capital Productivity and Technical Efficiency via DFI: Evidence from the Industrial Interaction between Taiwan and Mainland China Lee-in Chen Chiu and Jr-tsung Huang 1993.12 Out of print
243 The Taiwan Economy in the Year 2000 Ji Chou 1993.12 Out of print
244 Cooperative Research in Taiwanese Manufacturing Wang,Jiann-chyuan 1993.11 Out of print
245 Quality Management of Chinese Township Enterprises in Inland and in Coastal Areas Yi Chou and Chyau Tuan 1993.11 Out of print
246 Taiwan’s Economic Development and its Economic Relationship with Mainland China Tzong-shian Yu 1993.11 Out of print
247 The Impact of the North American Free Trade Agreement on the ROC and its Response Jiann-chyuan Wang 1993.11 Out of print
248 Challenges Faced in Transforming from a Centrally Planned to a Market Economy Tzong-shian Yu 1993.10 Out of print
249 An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Government R&D Promotion Tax Schemes a Case of Taiwanese Electric Component Industry Wang,Jiann-chyuan 1993.09 Out of print
250 An Assessment of Taiwan’s Indirect Investment toward Mainland China reprinted from Asian Economic Journal, Vol.7, No.1, 1993, pp.41-70 Lee-in Chen Chiu and Chin Chung 1993.08 Out of print
251 Creation of a Legal-institutional Basis for Facilitating Trade, Economic, and Technological Ties between Russia and Taiwan Cherng-shin Ouyang 1993.07 Out of print
252 The Price Paid for Accelerating Economic Growth Tzong-shian Yu 1993.07 Out of print
253 An Analysis of the Effects of Economic Policies on Taiwans Economic Growth and Stability. Tzong-shian Yu 1993.06 Out of print
254 An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Government Automation Promotion Schemes in the Electrical Component Industry Ke-jeng Lan 1993.06 Out of print
255 Conference on The Internationalization of Taiwan Industry 1993.06 Out of print