574 title lists

No. Title Author Publication Price
211 Can APEC Become a Forum for Organized Economic Cooperation? Jiann- chyuan Wang 1994.10 Out of print
212 Effects of Trade Liberalization on Taiwan -- A Computable General Equilibrium Analysis Ji Chou, Yun-peng Chu & Shiu-tung Wang 1994.10 Out of print
213 Establishing Domestic Commodity Futures Markets in LDCs Lee-rong Wang 1994.10 Out of print
214 Government-Business Relations in East Asia: The Changing Basis of State Capacity Linda Weiss 1994.10 Out of print
215 Indonesia’s Policy Reform: An Overview Yana van der Meulen Rodgers 1994.10 Out of print
216 Total Quality Control Chinese Style and its Management Implications-Taiwan versus Chinareprinted from Total Quality Management, Vol.4, No.3, the Carfax Publishing Company, 1993, pp.283-303. Yi Chou, Pao-Long Chang & Chyau Tuan 1994.10 Out of print
217 Export Subsidies in the Presence of Lobbying and Countervailing Duties Da-nien Liu 1994.09 Out of print
218 Estimating and Projecting Input-Output Coefficients Lien,Wen-jung 1994.08 Out of print
219 Household Demand for Services in Taiwan--An Application of the Household Production Theory Hsueh,Li-min 1994.08 Out of print
220 International Conference on Labor Standards and Economic Development 1994.08 Out of print
221 Strategy and Environmental Evaluation of Foreign Investment by the Shrimp Culturing Industry Yi Chou, Shiu-nan Chen & Jyh-wei Shin 1994.08 Out of print
222 The Dynamic Self-Hedged Behavior During the Period of 1987 Crash: Evidence from the U.S. Stock Market Anthony H. Tu 1994.08 Out of print
223 A Research Guide on the Indonesian Economy Yana van der Meulen Rodgers 1994.07 Out of print
224 Tax Competition with Involuntary Unemployment Yophy Huang 1994.07 Out of print
225 The Development and Strategy of Taiwan’s Information Technology Industry Chien-nan Wang 1994.07 Out of print