574 title lists

No. Title Author Publication Price
196 Policies for Industrial Development and Evaluation of their Achievements in the Republic of China on Taiwan Tzong-shian Yu 1995.03 Out of print
197 System Reform of China’s State-Owned Enterprises, 1978-1993-- Review and Appraisal Cherng-shin Ouyang 1995.03 Out of print
198 The Development and Prospect of Producer Service Industries in Taiwan -- An Internationa Comparison(in Chinese) Li-Min Hsueh, Ying-Yi Tu, and Su-Wan Wang 1995.03 Out of print
199 The Reform of Electricity Act in Taiwan(in Chinese) Georgy J.Y.Hsu and King-Ming Wang 1995.03 Out of print
200 Trade Flections between US and Mainland China and its lmpact on the Trade Between the Two Sides of Taiwan Strait Charng Kao 1995.02 Out of print
201 An Investigation of the Alternative Approaches of Privatization in Central and East European Economies Cherng-shin Ouyang 1995.01 Out of print
202 Dualistic Consumption Behaviour in Mainland China , reprinted from Journal of Economic Studies, Vol.21, No.3, 1994, pp.54-66. Chien-hsun Chen 1995.01 Out of print
203 Economic Crime and Business Cycles in Taiwan Ya-hwei Yang 1995.01 Out of print
204 Local Characteristics Affecting the Development of Township- Village Enterprises in Mainland China Chen,Chien-hsun 1995.01 Out of print
205 The Construction and Applications of a Computable General Equilibrium Model of Taiwan's Trade Chou,George J. King,Ching-ping. 1995.01 Out of print
206 A Transaction Cost Analysis of Contractual Arrangements Li-ping Alfred Cheng 1994.12 Out of print
207 Globalization, regionalization, and Taiwan’s economy Chien-nan Wang ed. 1994.12 Out of print
208 The Financial System and Financial Policy in Taiwan--Lessons for Developing Countries Ya-hwei Yang 1994.12 Out of print
209 The Motivation of Entry Facilitation in a Vertically Related Market Da-nien Liu 1994.11 Out of print
210 The Prospects for Economic Integration among Three Chinese Economies Jiann- chyuan Wang 1994.11 Out of print