575 title lists

No. Title Author Publication Price
136 The Asian currency crisis : the Taiwan experience 1998.01 Out of print
137 Determining the Comparative Efficient Units of Insurance Industries through DEA Tser-yieth Chen 1997.09 Out of print
138 Post-Socialist Transformation: The Case of the Czech Republic Gabor L, Papp 1997.08 Out of print
139 The Impact of Mitigating CO2 Emissions on Taiwan’s Economy George J. Y. Hsu and Tser-yieth Chen 1997.08 Out of print
140 1997 APEC Seminar on Improving Capital Markets for International SMEs 1997.07 Out of print
141 The Funding Problems and Strategies of Manufacturing Sectors in Taiwan (in Chinese) Ya-hwei Yang, Yenpao Chen, Kun-ming Chen, and Ying-yi Tu 1997.07 Out of print
142 Interest Rates, Savings, and Income in Mainland China -- An Empirical Study Chen,Chien-hsun 1997.06 Out of print
143 Bank Efficiency and Ownership in Taiwan: An Evaluation with Data Envelopment Analysis Tser-yieth Chen and Tsai-lien Yeh 1997.04 Out of print
144 Taiwan’s Economic Development in the Context of Greater China Ji Chou 1997.04 Out of print
145 A Measurement of the Resource Utilization Efficiency of University Libraries in Taipei Tser-yieth Chen 1997.01 Out of print
146 Causality between Stock Volatility and Macroeconomic Volatilities in Taiwan Yen-pao Chen 1997 Out of print
147 Catalogue of Titles of Russian Business and Economic Laws Cherng-shin Ouyang and Pavel Koutsenko 1996.12 Out of print
148 Double-edged Trade Effect of Foreign Direct Investment and Firm-Specific Assets: Evidence from the Chinese Trio Chin Chung 1996.12 Out of print
149 Industry Characteristics and FDI Strategy: A Three-Way Typology of Taiwanese Investment in Mainland China Chin Chung 1996.12 Out of print
150 Key Events in the Soviet Union during the Reign of Mikhail Gorbachev (1985-1991) Cherng-shin Ouyang and Pavel Koutsenko 1996.12 Out of print