Module Analysis of Recycling Fees and Subsidy Fees


Author:Lih-Chyi Wen




Recycling and subsidy fees regulation is a vital component in maintaining an effective recycling treatment process. However, commodity and market price fluctuations can often effect the success of the recycling treatment. Therefore, the aim of this project was to establish an analysis system for determining subsidy fee using waste container as a study model. System functionalities include automatic data retrieval from various data sources, particularly information on current market price, and analysis of the characteristics of factors that effects subsidy fees to establish an floating rate linkage relationship model. Furthermore, the system is able to calculate an appropriate recycling and subsidy fee based on up-to-date market information, and provide suitable course of action on fee adjustment to the implementing authority in the event a predetermined differential is achieved between the old and the new fee rates. In addition, in considering the rapid price changes in the market, the project formulated a floating subsidy rate mechanism in order to prevent a negative effect on recycling treatment as a result of the adjusted rate unable to reflect the current market situation. The mechanism allows the implementing authority to adjust fee rate (within a certain range, 30% differential), based on adjustment analysis in order to respond to the market adjustment efficiency on recycling effectiveness.