The Change of China’s Policy of Inward FDI and its Impact


Author:Shih, Hui-Tzu, Chu-Hsuan Su, and Ze-Jia Chen




As international invest environments changing, the investment strategy of enterprises is modified and affecting international cross-border supply chains. In response to changes, China refine the foreign investment policy with the trend, turning to more open and legalization. These alterations are favorably Mainland China's investment environment. Along with other advantage, such as market opportunities and industrial clustering, etc., can indeed maintain the investment of foreign enterprises in Mainland China. Also, the invest trend of foreign enterprises is in line with the Mainland China's industrial planning. But the effectiveness of the policy still depends on the actual implementation progress, and the obstacles arising from the regulatory policy remain to be excluded and will also delay the scope and growing of foreign investment in the Mainland China.

Keywords: foreign investment policy, US-China trade war, global supply chain
JEL Classification:E61, F10, F15
ISBN 9789865795443
Publication:Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research

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The Change of China’s Policy of Inward FDI and its Impact