10/5 Online International Conference : Building a Resilient Global Supply Chain in the Semiconductor Industry

The global semiconductor industry has suffered from disruptive shocks of various kinds, including market volatilities, fires, snow storms, logistics breakdowns, cyberattacks, and geopolitics. Recent events of widespread chips shortages following the COVID-19 Pandemic and the use of chips as weapons in the US-China Trade War have brought our attention to the sensitivity and vulnerability of the industry. The supply chain of the semiconductor industry is globally connected, encompassing many irreplaceable, specialized suppliers based in different countries. Any shocks occurring to them, natural or man-made, are likely to cause disruptions. With increasing applications of semiconductors in industry and daily life, it is of critical importance to make the global supply chain resilient. This conference is convened to discuss the possible ways of international cooperation to achieve this goal despite the growing uncertainty caused by geopolitical conflict and competition.

Time:Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2022 – 8:25 am (Taipei)

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Language: English (English/Chinese simultaneous interpretation)

The organizers reserve the right to amend the agenda and speakers.