Introduction of New Southbound Policy Research Center

1.Conduct economic, trade, investment, industry and related policy research and analysis of 18 “New Southbound” countries (including 10 in ASEAN, 6 in South Asia, Australia and New Zealand); play a key role as a government think-tank and a consulting platform for the private sector.

2.Nourish and strengthen research capacity for “New Southbound” countries.

1. Provide policy analysis and recommendation on economy, trade and investment of the “New Southbound” countries through rigorous academic research and empirical analysis.

2. Strengthen “New Southbound” countries’ network through exchanges and collaboration among academia and think tanks.

3. Conduct research and analysis focused on target cities, important industries and business models for the “New Southbound” countries.

4. Study the industrial links between Taiwan and the “New Southbound” countries.

5. Study effective policy tools to encourage enterprises to relocate entire factories as well as SMEs to implement relocation and expansion strategy toward the “New Southbound” countries.

6. Cultivate research talents for the “New Southbound” countries.

7. Promote government’s New Southbound Policy and play a key role as a communication platform between the government and the private sector

Name Position Education Research Field
Wang, Jiann-Chyuan Vice President Ph.D. in Economics, Purdue University, U.S.A.
Industrial Economics
Industrial Policy
Economic Development
Liu, Meng-Chun Research Fellow Ph.D. Monash University, Australia
international economics
industrial organization
Chinese economy studies
Wu, Chia-Hsuan Associate Research Fellow Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics, National Taiwan University
Agricultural Economics
General equilibrium modeling
Health Economics
Chen, Shin-Horng Research Fellow Ph.D. University of Newcastle, U.K.
Technology Management
Economics of Information & Communications Technologies
Wen, Pei-Chang Research Fellow Graduate Institute of Building and Planning, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan
Transportation Modeling and Vehicle Emissions
Innovation and Policy in the ICT industry
intelligent vehicles and the service sector
Regional Policy and Planning
Economic Evaluation
Huang, Shih-Chang Associate Research Fellow Ph.D. in Public Finance, National Cheng-Chi University
Public Finance
Social Welfare
Industrial Analysis
Lee, Roy Chun Associate Research Fellow PhD in Public Policy, Australian National University, Australia
Trade in Services
Regional integration
Communications Convergence
Regulatory and Competition Policy
Hsu, Kristy Tsun Tzu Associate Research Fellow L.L.M, Soochow University, Taiwan
International Organizations
International Trade Law
Dispute Settlement
Gender and Development Issues
Liu, Da-Nien Research Fellow Ph.D. in Economics, Cornell University, U.S.A.
International Trade & Investment
Industrial Economics
Yang, Shu-Fei Associate Research Fellow Ph.D. of International Business, National Chengchi University
International Trade & Investment
Regional Economic Integration
Peng, Su-Ling Research Fellow Ph. D. National Cheng-Chi University, R.O.C.
Economic Forecasting and Business Cycle
Economic Development
Industrial Economics
Tsai, Hui-Mei Associate Research Fellow M.B.A. National Chengchi University, R.O.C.
Industry Economy
Wen, Lih-Chyi Research Fellow PhD in Economics, University of Connecticut, U.S.A.
Environmental Economics
Law and Economics
Public Economics
Lin, Chun-Hsu Research Fellow Ph.D. in Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences, Washington State University, U.S.A.
Resource Recycling
Environmental Policy and Planning
Soil Erosion Modeling

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