Research Projects

1227 title lists

No. Title Author Publication
1186 A Study on the Joint Development of Financial and Operating Management Tzong-shian Yu, Chuan Lin, and Kuo-liang Wang 1988.04
1187 The Direction of Development in Taiwan's Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises S. C. Tsiang, Tzong-shian Yu, Chi-ming Hou, and Hui-lin Wu 1988.04
1188 An Analysis of China Petroleum Corporation's Purchasing and Sales Strategies and the Setting up and Application of an Integrated Planning Model Tzong-shian Yu, An-loh Lin, Ji Chou, and George J. Y. Hsu 1988.02
1189 A Preliminary Forecast of Different Kinds of Production in the Manufacturing Industry Tzong-shian Yu, Chi-ming Hou, and Ji Chou 1988.01
1190 A Report on the Current Draft Bill of the Management of Publicly Owned Financial Institutions Tzong-shian Yu, Chi-ming Hou, and Tsong-lin Hsieh 1988.01
1191 A Study on the Construction of a Model to Forecast Supply and Demand for Important Industrial Products Tzong-shian Yu, Chi-ming Hou, and Ji Chou 1988.01
1192 A Study on the Relationships between the Pricing Structures of Oil and Electricity Products in Taiwan George J. Y. Hsu 1988.01
1193 A Research Report on Examining Policies to Promote Overseas Investment by Taiwanese Tain-jy Chen 1987.12
1194 A Study on Commodity Taxes and the After-tax Prices of Locally-manufactured Goods and Imports An-loh Lin, Chuan Lin, and Wen-hwei Zheng 1987.12
1195 An Appraisal of the Feasibility of Taiwan's Planned 4th Nuclear Power Plant (22 Volumes) Tzong-shian Yu and George J. Y. Hsu 1987.12
1196 The Principles of Taiwan's Import Liberalization Policy, its Influence on Domestic Industries and the Countermeasures Employed by Enterprises Chi- ming Hou 1987.12
1197 A Discussion of the Harbor Rate System in Taiwan Chi-ming Hou 1987.11
1198 A Report on Anti-factory Air Pollution Investment and the Economic Benefits Associated Therewith Tzong-shian Yu, Shin-hsing Yeh、George J.Y. Hsu, and Daigee Shaw 1987.11
1199 An International Comparison of Measures to Encourage Investment Chi-ming Hou and Jin-jin Yu 1987.11
1200 Reasons behind Contemporary Economic Problems and the Counter-measures the Government should Adopt to Resolve them Chi-ming Hou, An-loh Lin, and Li-min Hsueh 1987.11