Research Projects

1227 title lists

No. Title Author Publication
1171 The Protection of the Securities Investors Tzong-shian Yus and Shou-hsiang Liu 1989.06
1172 An Evaluation and Investigation on the Performance of Class "A" Travel Agents in Taiwan Chuan Lin 1989.03
1173 The Functioning of the Securities Dealer's Association Tzong-shian Yu and Shou-hsiang Liu 1989.03
1174 A Feasibility Study on the Adjustment of Business Tax Rates and Other Taxable Items An-loh Lin and Chuan Lin 1988.11
1175 A Study on the Formulation of Basic Wage Adjustments Gee San 1988.10
1176 An Analysis of Cogeneration Electricity Pricing in Taiwan in the Taipei Area George J. Y. Hsu and Seh-li Chang 1988.10
1177 Development of Computer Industry in Mainland China and it's Impact on Taiwan Economy Kang Chao and Feng-cheng Fu 1988.09
1178 The Development of Mainland China's Textile Industry and its Effect on the Competitiveness of Taiwan's Textile Products Kang Chao and Pei-cheng Chang 1988.09
1179 The Effect of a Reduction in Tariff Rates on Tariff Revenue Tzong-shian Yu and Jui-meng Chang 1988.09
1180 How to Reduce the Taiwan-U.S. Trade Imbalance and Effectively Combat U.S. Trade Protectionism S.C. Tsiang, Tzong-shian Yu, and Chi-ming Hou 1988.06
1181 Industrial Policies and Economic Liberalization: the Study Plan for the First Year of the Five-year Plan (16 volumes) Tzong-shian Yu and Kai Ma 1988.06
1182 The Reform of Taiwan's Financial System: the First Stage Chi-ming Hou and Tsong-lin Hsieh 1988.06
1183 A Study on Outward Foreign Investment S. C. Tsiang, Tzong-shian Yu, Chi-ming Hou, and Kuang-tao Hsueh 1988.05
1184 The Influence of Different Values of the Appreciating New Taiwan Dollar on Taiwan's Export Trade Chi-ming Hou and Gee San 1988.05
1185 The Use of Foreign-induced Technology to Hasten the Upgrading of Taiwan''s Industrial Technology S. C. Tsiang, Tzong-shian Yu, Chi-ming Hou, and Gee San 1988.05