595 title lists

No. Title Author Publication Price
121 A Study of the Impact of Defense Expenditure on Economic Growth: The Case of Taiwan Keh -Nan Sun 1999.10 Out of print
122 An Assessment of Technical Efficiency and Cross-efficiency in Taiwan’s Electricity Distribution Sector Tser-yieth Chen 1999.10 Out of print
123 Identifying the Trough of the Eighth Business Cycle in Taiwan and the Cause of its Formation Ji Chou and Chung-Ming Kuan 1999.10 Out of print
124 The Impact of Trade Deregulation Across the Taiwan Strait Hui-tzu Shih 1999.10 Out of print
125 The Establishment of a Trade Indicator Database for Taiwan(in Chinese) Wen-Jung Lien 1999.09 Out of print
126 Uncertain Innovation and Market Strategy with Production Experiences Shun-chiao Chang 1999.08 Out of print
127 Wind Generation and Its Economic Evaluation King Min Wang and Yu Lan Chien 1999.08 Out of print
128 A Study of Waste Recycling-and-Treatment Fees for Scrap Personal Computers(in Chinese) Lihchyi Wen and K.M.Wang 1999.07 Out of print
129 A Study of the Arrangements for the Wheeling of Electricity in Taiwan Companies(in Chinese) K.M.Wang and George J. Y. Hsu 1999.05 Out of print
130 Privatization of the East German Conglomerates: Bailing-Out or Consistent State Policy Support? Cherng-Shin Ouyang 1999.05 Out of print
131 Analysis and Suggestions on Taiwan's Current Economic Problems Chao-cheng Mai 1999.04 Out of print
132 A New Technological Landscape in Asia Pacific Workshop 1999.03 Out of print
133 A Study of the Ways of Helping High-Tech Companies Listedin the Stock Markets(in Chinese) An-loh Lin, Su-Wan Sun 1999.02 Out of print
134 An Assessment of the Impact of CO2 Mitigation in Taiwan George J. Y. Hsu and Tser-yieth Chen 1999.01 Out of print
135 Causality Between Saving and Investment:An Application of Cointegration and Error-Correction Modeling Su-Ling Peng 1999.01 Out of print