593 title lists

No. Title Author Publication Price
31 The fit between desired and actual time, and its association with work results 2012.02 Free
32 The Scenario Analysis of Taiwan Social-economic Development in Response to the Future Climate Change Kimmie Wang and Yen-Lan Liu 2011.11 450
33 The Impact of the Economic Crisis on East Asia Edited by Daigee Shaw and Bih Jane Liu 2011.06 Out of print
34 Do Firms Adopt More Conservative Earnings Reporting Strategies after Restatements? Chang, Che-Chia, Chan-Jane Lin, and Victoria S. P. Wang 2011.02 Free
35 Dynamic Partner Fit of International Alliances: The Experience of Taiwanese Construction Consulting Firms Wu, Hsueh-Liang 2011.02 Free
36 How Does Economic Crisis Affect Income Inequality of the Farm Households? Empirical Evidence in Taiwan Chang, Hung-Hao and Chun-Yen Chang 2011.02 Free
37 The Economic Evaluation of the Adjustment on Minimum Wage: The Case of Taiwan in 2007 Hui-Lin Wu, Su-Ling Peng, Chia-Hui Lin and Ying-Yi Du 2009.12 Out of print
38 The Funding Structure of Technological Industries in Taiwan Ya-Hwei Yang and Shu-Hui Chan 2009.08 Out of print
39 Energy Economics and Policy in Mainland China and Taiwan 2009.06 Out of print
40 The Relationship between Economic Growth and Real Exchange Rate: The Case of APEC Su-ling Peng 2009.06 Out of print
41 The Economic Evaluation of R&D, Manpower Training and Automation Investment Tax Credit in the Statute of Industrial Upgrading and Promotion. 2009.03 Out of print
42 A Simulation Study of Pricing for Electricity Spot Market in Taiwan (in Chinese) Ting-Wei Kuo and Kimmie Wang 2008.04 Out of print
43 An Inquiry into the Mideast Economy and Petrodollars Flows(in Chinese) Cherng-Shin Ouyang 2008.04 Out of print
44 The operational theory of China's planned economy Jung-Feng Chang 2008.01 Out of print
45 A study of China’s macroeconomic adjustment : why it happens from time to time(in Chinese) 2007.09 Out of print