595 title lists

No. Title Author Publication Price
16 Greenfield vs. Acquisition: The Choice of Taiwanese Multinationals Shu-Fei Yang 2015.11 350
17 Flood Risk Management and Adaptation Action for the Taiwan Electric Sector Kimmie Wang 2015.09 350
18 Policy Issues on Chinese Outward FDI and Chinese Investment in Taiwan Jiun-Mei Tien, Fang-I Wen, Jhih-Han Jheng and I-Chun Liu 2015.05 500
19 The Development of China's Local Regime in Rural Society Jiun-Mei Tien & Shun-Jie Ji 2014.11 500
20 Geopolitics, Energy, and Development of China's External Pipeline Transport Linkages(The Indian Subcontinent and Middle East) Cherng-shin Ouyang 2014.09 500
21 A Structure Analysis of Taiwan's Export Performance: The Application of Stochastic Frontier Gravity Model Chia-Hsuan Wu 2014.07 350
22 Financial Performance of the Overseas Acquisitions of Chinese Enterprises: Case Studies Yuh-Jiun Lin and Claire Chiang 2014.07 350
23 A Longitudinal View on Global Production Network, Trade and Economic Integration Chen,Shin-Horng and Pei-Chang Wen 2014.06 Free
24 Post Catch-up with Market Cultivation and Product Servicizing: Case of Taiwan's Transportation Equipment Industries Chen, Shin-Horng and Pei-Chang Wen 2014.05 Free
25 The Development and Evolution of China's Mobile Phone Industry Chen, Shin-Horng and Pei-Chang Wen 2013.04 Free
26 CEPA and its Impact on the Performance of Business Enterprises in Hong Kong Lin, Yuh-Jiun and Chiang, Yi-Hui 2013.02 300
27 Geopolitics, Energy, and Development of China's External Pipeline Transport Linkages: Central Asia and Caucasus Cherng-shin Ouyang 2012.11 500
28 Cross-Strait Agricultural Cooperation: Directions and Strategies Jiun-Mei Tien and Yu-Liang Tuan 2012.07 500
29 Business Concepts of Systemic Service Innovations in e-Healthcare Chen, Shin-Horng, Pei-Chang Wen, and Chih-Kai Yang 2012.03 Free
30 Multi-stakeholder Performance Evaluation of Technology-Based Systematic Service Innovations: e-Healthcare Programs in Taiwan Yang, Chih-Kai, Shin-Horng Chen, Pei-Chang Wen, and Hung Chih Lai 2012.03 Free