595 title lists

No. Title Author Publication Price
181 Ownership, Control, and Privatization of Public Enterprises Li-Ping Alfred Cheng 1996.08 Out of print
182 The Economic Development of Taiwan, 1980 to 1993 Macroeconomic Policy: Overzealous or Inflexible? Michael Roemer and Chou Ji 1996.08 Out of print
183 Analysis of Energy Intensity and Total Factor Productivity in the Taiwan Manufacturing Sector Ta-wei Huang and King-min Wang 1996.07 Out of print
184 Backward Vertical Integration in Taiwan's Petrochemical Industry -- An Application of Transaction Cost Theory Ying-yi Tu 1996.07 Out of print
185 International Conference on Conversion and Technological Cooperation 1996.07 Out of print
186 Forecasting Energy Demand in Taiwan George J. Y. Hsu, Wei-lin Mao and Yun-chang Jeffery Bor 1996.06 Out of print
187 Reinvestigation of the Export-Led Growth Hypothesis: The Case of APEC Su-ling Perng 1996.06 Out of print
188 Collaboration in Industrial Research and Development: Its Nature, Rationale and Geography Shin-Horng Chen 1996.05 Out of print
189 Long-Term Peak Electricity Load Forecasting in Taiwan: A Cointegration Analysis Tser-yieth Chen 1996.05 Out of print
190 Regional Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in Mainland China, reprinted from Journal of Economic Studies, Vol.23, No.2, 1996, pp.18-30. Chien-Hsun Chen 1996.05 Out of print
191 The Restructuring of the Electric Power Industry in Taiwan George J. Y. Hsu 1996.05 Out of print
192 Success Factors in Cooperative Research in Taiwan Jiann-chyuan Wang and Kuen hung Tsai 1996.03 Out of print
193 The Financial Aspects of Taiwanese Investment in South China Ya-hwei Yang, Yenpao Chen, Tzong-ta Yen, and Ying-yi Tu. 1996.03 Out of print
194 Estimation of the AR(1) Model Containing a Dummy Variable An-loh Lin 1996.01 Out of print
195 Dummy Functions in the Koyck Distributed-lag Model An-loh Lin 1995.12 Out of print