595 title lists

No. Title Author Publication Price
166 Causality between Stock Volatility and Macroeconomic Volatilities in Taiwan Yen-pao Chen 1997 Out of print
167 Catalogue of Titles of Russian Business and Economic Laws Cherng-shin Ouyang and Pavel Koutsenko 1996.12 Out of print
168 Double-edged Trade Effect of Foreign Direct Investment and Firm-Specific Assets: Evidence from the Chinese Trio Chin Chung 1996.12 Out of print
169 Industry Characteristics and FDI Strategy: A Three-Way Typology of Taiwanese Investment in Mainland China Chin Chung 1996.12 Out of print
170 Key Events in the Soviet Union during the Reign of Mikhail Gorbachev (1985-1991) Cherng-shin Ouyang and Pavel Koutsenko 1996.12 Out of print
171 Long-term Peak Electricity Load Forecasting in Taiwan: A Cointegration Analysis Tser-yieth Chen 1996.12 Out of print
172 The Emerging Pattern of Division of Labor across the Taiwan Strait: Macro Overview and Sectoral Analysis of the Electronics Industry Chin Chung 1996.12 Out of print
173 The Impacts of Tariff Liberalization on Taiwan and APEC Economies: A Multiregional General Equilibrium Analysis Yunchang Jeffrey Bor, Wen-jung Lien and Su-wan Wang 1996.12 Out of print
174 A Performance Evaluation of the Commercial Lighting Programs of the United States Tzer-yieth Chen and Oliver S. Yu 1996.11 Out of print
175 Development of the Small- and Medium-Sized Manufacturers in Taiwan's PC Industry Momoko Kawakami 1996.11 Out of print
176 The Impact of Mainland China’s Open Door Policy on Regional Industrial Development Sze-yueh Wang and Lee-in Chen Chiu 1996.11 Out of print
177 Environmental Policy-making in a Federal System and the use of Unfunded Mandates Lih-Chyi Wen 1996.10 Out of print
178 A Measurement of the Relative Resoruce Utilization Performance of University Libraries in Taipei County and City Tser-yieth Chen 1996.09 Out of print
179 An Economic Analysis of Manufacturing Demand for Energy in Taiwan King-min Wang and Ta-wei Huang 1996.09 Out of print
180 Toward an Interregional Integration of Habitat, Production and Ecosystem-Developing Taiwan into a Regional Operations Center Lee-in Chen Chiu 1996.09 Out of print