595 title lists

No. Title Author Publication Price
136 Seminar on United States Trade Adjustment Assistance and the Import Relief System 1999.01 Out of print
137 Conference Proceedings on the Impact of the ECU on the European Union, the International Community and the Two Sides of the Taiwan Straits Chao-cheng Mai 1998.12 Out of print
138 Enterprise' Financing Problems and the Financial Crisis Chao-cheng Mai 1998.12 Out of print
139 A Study on the Priority of Government Science and Technology Project —An Application of AHP Method Jiann-Chyuan Wang, Ya-Hwei Yang, Kuen-Hung Tsai, Keh-Nan Sun 1998.11 Out of print
140 Seminar on the Possible Effects of Economic Development in Mainland China on Cross-Straits Economic Links and Taiwanese Chao-cheng Mai 1998.10 Out of print
141 Should National Annuity Get Underway before the Year 2000? Conference Proceedings Chao-cheng Mai 1998.10 Out of print
142 Conference on Economic Prosperity at Home and Abroad Chao-cheng Mai 1998.09 Out of print
143 Conference on Promoting Exports to the Mainland China Internal Market through International Strategic Alliances Chao-cheng Mai 1998.08 Out of print
144 Seminar on Responses to the Kyoto Protocol on Energy and the Environment Chao-cheng Mai 1998.06 Out of print
145 Seminar on the WTO Effect and its Impact on Cross-Straits Economic Development Chao-cheng Mai 1998.06 Out of print
146 An Empirical Study of Fiscal Decentralization in Mainland China(in Chinese) Chen Chien-Hsun 1998.05 Out of print
147 Dummy Functions in the Koyck Distributed-Lag Model An-loh Lin 1998.05 Out of print
148 An Empirical Study of Agricultural Growth Determinants for the Chinese Transitional Rural Economy Chen Chien-Hsun 1998.04 Out of print
149 Conference on Cross-Straits Cooperation in Stabilizing Southeast Asian Finance and Regional Economic Development Chao-cheng Mai 1998.04 Out of print
150 Privatization, Stabilization, and Liberalization—An Alternative Approach to Post-Socialist Transformation Cherng-Shin Ouyang 1998.03 Out of print