Sustainable development of agriculture in Taiwan : problems and strategies


Author:Hsi-Huang Chen

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This book compiles 21 articles of author’s studies on the issues and strategies of agriculture during the open-economy period. The contents include three parts of agricultural economy: (1) agricultural development in Taiwan, (2) Agricultural policy, and (3) agricultural strategies of management and marketing. The studies examine the agricultural development in Taiwan and explore the issues that agricultural sector would face in response to the economic internationalization and liberalization, and also provide the policy strategies to do the agricultural policy reform to reach the sustainable development. First chapter introduces the sustainable development of agriculture in Taiwan. Chapter two to four examine the agriculture development during the past thirty years. Chapter five to eleven cover current agriculture problems in response to the trade liberalization and provide the strategies of agricultural development in Taiwan. Chapter twelve to fifteen analyze the impact of WTO accession on Taiwan’s agricultural economy. Chapter sixteen to eighteen explore the economy liberalization and rice policy adjustment in Taiwan. Chapter nineteen to twenty one concern about the management side of sustainable agriculture and explore the importance of agriculture strategic alliance.