The Study of new load management programs under the deregulated electricity market in Taiwan(in Chinese)


Author:King-Min Wang

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Due to the increasing consciousness of environmental protection and everlasting cost inflation of constructing new power plants and transmission grids, many countries switch their resources and efforts from supply side planning to demand side management, especially adopt the type of new load management. This trend is reinforced by the deregulation of the electricity market. Before deregulation time-of-use (TOU) pricing and scheduled interruptible load programs were the mainstream. After deregulation new load management programs such as emergency interruptible power programs, demand response and demand bidding have taken the leading roles. In order to match up the deregulation trend, we should study the experience of advanced countries and review our current programs to develop new load management schemes for Taiwan under the deregulated electricity market. This will complete the operation of deregulated electricity market and will promote the reasonable management for the power industry. Therefore the purpose of this study is to review and evaluate the current Taipower programs and the new load management programs of the deregulated electricity market of the advanced countries (including US, UK, Australia). In the light of the results of evaluation, we made discussions and recommendations on how to introduce the new load management programs into Taiwan deregulated electricity market.